10 Best Android Radio Apps for Music Lovers

Best Free Android Radio Apps in 2020

There are numerous free Android radio apps available for download on the PlayStore. Discover the best Android radio apps that allow users to listen to their favorite radio stations on their smartphones without any cost.

Most Android devices come equipped with a free radio app. However, these apps may not always function optimally, or users may want to explore other stations and discover new programming and music.

Best Radio Apps for Android [Free/Paid]

Some people believe that listening to the radio is old-fashioned and has become irrelevant in today’s world.

As a result, some tech companies have not developed free radio apps for Android devices. However, this perception is incorrect because many individuals still prefer to begin their day by tuning in to the radio.

1. AccuRadio

AccuRadio is less well-known than some other radio apps. It just so happens to be good. It has over 1000 radio channels to choose from. The listener can customize each channel.

There are no skip limits, a rating system, and the ability to restrict artists and songs from your station. As a result, your music station will eventually only play music that you enjoy.

There are several drawbacks. At the time of writing, there is no Chromecast support. The servers occasionally experience problems as well. Aside from that, it’s a pleasant experience.

2. iHeartRadio

It’s never been easier to listen to free Internet radio stations. You can listen to music, news, podcasts, sports, humor, and discussions in the palm of your hand with iHeart. The North American stations can be heard.

A fantastic opportunity to discover new achievements before making it onto the European and American lists. It is compatible with any device, including Chromecast. With iHeartRadio, you can discover the greatest of American music.

3. Audials

Audials is presented as a mobile player, allowing you to save music in MP3 format on your mobile device and listen to it without an internet connection. There are around 80,000 stations in the web application.

You will also be able to set it as a mobile alarm, and the station you select will sound when you do so. You can rapidly go from station to station, and owing to its history, you can listen to your favorite song as many times as you like.

4. Last.fm

Are you interested in exploring electro, house, hip-hop, country, or any other genre? Yes, you have found the ideal free Android radio app.

Last.FM is intended to learn about your preferences by scanning your music apps, such as Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify, and a local music app.

Then he recommends amazing similar music to you. This is incredibly successful because the app provides updated music and keeps you up to date on the current music trends.

The user-friendly interface built by the creators makes it very easy to navigate the application for the first time.

You can also send an app review and recommendation. This guarantees that your recommendations are appropriate for your musical preferences.

5. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio guarantees a pleasant listening experience regardless of the sort of music you choose to listen to. TuneIn Radio offers over 100,000 stations around the world.

The program guarantees order fulfillment, whether you are interested in news, lifestyle, sports, music, or anything else.

You can listen to the app not just on your smartphone or tablet, but also on Android Wear and Google Chromecast devices.

6. DI.FM Radio

FM Radio (Digitally Imported) is yet another free Android FM radio software excellent for fans and dance music enthusiasts.

The app works with streaming stations, of which there are over 80 different varieties, and it also includes a large library of exclusive content that you can listen to before anybody else.

The shows are chosen by electronic music aficionados all across the world. Trance, GED, house, lounge, dance chillout, ambiance, techno, and many other styles are available.

The design is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to swiftly and simply discover new electronic skills. It has a DJ show schedule as well as live concerts.

7. Dash Radio

If you don’t want to limit yourself to a single genre or group, the free Dash Radio radio app for Android is ideal. The user is spoiled for choice here, with over 60 radio stations to choose from for their radio station playlist.

The overall music collection is excellent, with radio stations playing both current hits and true oldies. There are also monthly special expeditions where renowned DJs create a custom playlist.

Dash Radio is thus especially recommended for everyone who enjoys a variety of musical genres and is always looking for new triumphs.

8. iVoox

In iVoox, you will find podcasts to listen to wherever and whenever you want. You will find podcasts of all these categories (and even others):

  • Children’s stories and audiobooks for adults.
  • Language courses and other subjects.
  • Conferences and talks
  • Classes
  • Humor monologues.
  • Poems
  • Meditation audios.
  • Biographies

Furthermore, it is a free Android radio app with no commercials and no subscription required, giving you many benefits over your competitors.

You can subscribe to your favorite programs and receive updates when new ones become available.

Furthermore, this radio and podcast software for Android recommends programs based on your choices, ensuring that you are entertained.

Furthermore, it allows you to listen to live FM radio – online, in this case. It’s a well-organized and well-classified app that also works with Chromecast.

9. myTuner Radio App

myTuner Radio App is also one of the best Android and iPhone radio apps. It enables you to listen to over 50,000 radio stations, stream over 1 million podcasts, and enjoy sports, news, music, and other content. This radio app is also accessible via the web, PC, smart TVs, and other devices.

10. Radio.net

Radio.net is another excellent option for the finest internet radio app for listening to radio and podcasts.

With over 30,000 national and international radio stations organized into distinct categories, you may easily find your favorite show. You can also save favorites, as well as set a radio alarm and a sleep timer.

Radio.net has over 600,000 podcasts organized into news, comedy, music, health, and sports categories. You may also download podcasts to listen to them offline.

Final Words

Listen to the radio online or without an internet connection (offline). Listen to what you hear; we are sure that these applications will cover your needs. What do you think of these Radio apps for Android?

If you think there is another great free Android radio app that we may have missed, please let us know in the comments section and tell us why you think the radio app is a great choice.

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