4 Best Armand Basi Perfumes For Men

Best Armand Basi Perfumes For Men

We find very comfortable fragrances in their aromas that can be worn practically any time of the day, especially for men with busy days. In short, The 4 Best Armand Basi Perfumes For Men contains everything that comfort and simplicity can give you.

Top 4 Armand Basi Perfumes for Him

Very few brands have had the luxury of being born from the depths of humility and exposing themselves to a world that looked at them with presumption. Still, one like Armand Basi is not afraid of this, mainly due to a warrior spirit that has allowed them to become noticed.

The brand with a past linked to Spain and Barcelona, in particular, had, from its first days from, as full of the city, and that was aligned with the practical and very liberal, that is the secret of this giant.

1. In Blue by Armand Basi

If you are looking for a creative perfume in all its essence, In Blue must be your best option because this is one of the Woody Spicy olfactory families for men and was launched in 2005.

In Blue by Armand Basi

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Contains some notes of bergamot, coriander, mandarin, pepper, oak, wood, and black currants. So there will always be an entry that is too citrus, fresh, and spicy to start with everything. Then, it opens towards fruity and very floral scents.

There is no doubt that this perfume is perfect for winter because its aroma is loaded with heat, but not annoying, but rather one that can be comfortably appreciated. It closes with moderate longevity and a heavy scent, both always aimed at causing a blow to your body because they never go unnoticed by those around you.

2. Homme by Armand Basi

With a clear presentation of the Mediterranean Sea in its forms, Homme establishes itself as a perfume full of the sea and individualism. Its scent, which is in the Aromatic Fougere olfactory family for Men, was launched in 2000.

Homme by Armand Basi

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They do complete honor to the Mediterranean with some notes of cinnamon, lavender, lilac, incense, and nutmeg so that their aroma, in general, is, above all, warm, comfortable, and homely.

In turn, it has a lot of sweetness inside and with the occasional touch of wood that will make you feel like a gentleman. It should be noted that if used at night, it will have a better effect since it is almost an aphrodisiac. This perfume has long-lasting longevity, a heavy scent, and the perfect cut for winter.

3. L’Eau Pour Homme by Armand Basi

Fresh and very liberating, the L’Eau Pour Homme fragrance is a favorite of all men who use Armand Basi in their bedrooms. This one, in particular, includes the Woody Aquatic Men’s olfactory family and was launched in 2010.

L'Eau Pour Homme by Armand Basi

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It has very woody accords, with fresh spices, and offers you the possibility of citrus and earthy aroma. The sea is deeply rooted in its aroma and will shine in spring. It is also a casual perfume that can be used for any occasion.

For those who like medium durability, it has moderate longevity and a heavy trail. This last brand is on all-terrain, so they pay attention to you when you get anywhere.

4. Wild Forest by Armand Basi

With the Wild Forest, the roughest and wildest face of Armand Basi is thoroughly explored because, first of all, this perfume is contained in the Woody Spicy olfactory family for Men. Then, it has so much heat that it will surely fascinate you to use it in winter.

Wild Forest by Armand Basi

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It is wild in every sense of the word and noticeable in its notes of pepper, nutmeg, cedar, violet leaves, and leather, achieving too much woody strength combined with the warmth and spices that are so much proclaimed inside.

This Wild Forest is a striking perfume that is also to be worn with your girl and has a longevity to all give, very long-lasting and heavy trail, perfect for spending nights in suspense.


Nothing is lacking in the four best Armand Basi perfumes for men because they have everything a man seeks at the right time. It also gives them their beloved solitude and independence, complete with aromatic ecstasy.

It does not adhere to any particular value because they can be obtained in both citrus and florals, and that is saying a lot, especially when talking about such demanding men who try them. Do not get carried away by common and ordinary aromas; always have the wild and elegant Armand Basi inside you.

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