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5 Best Bamboo Perfumes For Women in 2022

Best Bamboo Perfumes For Women. What a relief to know that not everything in fragrance for girls has to be directed towards the warm airs or towards the seasons where the only thing that exists is heat, for example, we have one of the favorite ingredients for those who design perfumes: bamboo.

This ancient ingredient, a common food of panda bears, is the cause that the feminine aromas acquire a much fresher, revitalizing essence and that you have clear control of all your senses. Bamboo has been extracted precisely to provide spectacular air to aromas for many centuries.

Already much more perfected, these perfumes tend to combine very well with wood and seasons such as summer or autumn, but they also offer excellent flexibility so that you can use them both in your days at home or work as well as at the right time to leave the routine and have fun.


5 Best Bamboo Women Perfumes & Colognes to Buy in 2022


1. Omnia Crystalline by Bvlgari

The purity and delicacy of Omnia Crystalline were the great successes of this Bvlgari perfume launched in 2005, the work of course by Alberto Morillas, the case such is that its aroma that contains bamboo and pear in its top notes and reveals a pillar of freshness and very delicious fruit.

Omnia Crystalline by Bvlgari

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In addition, in its heart notes you can perceive the lotus flower, tea, and cassia, and in the base notes the musk and guaiac wood, which let you wrap yourself in that enigma of wood and flowers that this perfume usually presents to use in summer.

With longevity that is long-lasting, you will have it to yourself during the day and it has a very, very soft trail that does not bother you at any time. With a perfume like this, you can boast of even having water chords, in addition to talc that evokes very good feelings in the face of a hot season.


2. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

For a change, we bring the Light Blue, a perfume that is very Mediterranean and that makes it widely used in summer, but it goes much further than this and you can easily notice it among elderly women and girls under twenty. A scent like this that belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women came out in 2001 and its design came from Olivier Cresp.

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

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Just by observing its top notes, you realize the impact of citrus and the freshness that this perfume has, these notes are lemon, apple, cedar, and bell.

In the heart ones, there is bamboo, jasmine and white rose that reveal that very feminine side, but at the same time fresh and somewhat casual, while its base notes of cedar, musk and amber are on the side the aromatic and aromas. with spices.

All this is a very good combination to be such a colorful aroma, it has everything you could ask for in a perfume with bamboo including its longevity that is long-lasting and its heavy trail.


3. Katy Perry Purr Eau De Parfum

Purr could not be otherwise if it does not have a lot of sensuality, mystery, and a strange sense of fashion, it comes from Katy Perry and the result is one of the most original and iconic bamboo perfumes that exist since 2010, year in that was launched.

Katy Perry Purr Eau De Parfum

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To use the Purr is to travel to an area where fruits predominate, being noticed from the beginning with top notes of peach, red apple, gardenia, and bamboo, although without the traditional freshness of these perfumes.

While her heart will be jasmine, freesia, and rose, with a lot of emphasis on presenting you with a seductive perfume that matches the younger girls. These are the most exotic notes that this scent is designed for fun boasts.

Its base is full of sweet and penetrating aromas such as its notes of vanilla, coconut, orchid, and sandalwood. This final stretch feels very feminine and destined for spring and is accompanied by moderate longevity and a trail that is felt by being heavy.


4. Wanted Girl Tonic by Azzaro

Very few perfumes can be sporty and elegant, which is very well united by the Wanted Girl Tonic, an aroma that Azzaro launched in 2020. We highlight this perfume that gives you energy and also a lot of spirituality, the work of some notes of kiwi, ginger, datura, bamboo, and tonka bean.

Wanted Girl Tonic by Azzaro

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If we start with its fragrances, an aroma like this has many fruit aromas, that is where all the sports power it has resided and the necessary energy that it gives you to face every day without feeling exhausted, in addition to being a little spicy.

Its floral elements are present, but to a lesser extent, highlighting that it is a very elegant aroma for special moments. These two sides previously presented have a very tropical essence, not very seen in perfumes with bamboo that will suit you very well in summer.

Durability is not its strong suit, because its longevity is short, but it complements it with a very heavy scent, something already recurrent in this type of perfume that shows that progress also takes the oldest aromas.


5. Oscar Bamboo by Oscar de la Renta

The most colorful aroma of all those shown with bamboo is Oscar de la Renta’s Oscar Bamboo, which has a wide range of aromas inside such as citrus, woody, floral and fresh. This one was launched in 2006 and is linked to the Floral Aquatic olfactory family for Women.

Oscar Bamboo by Oscar de la Renta

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Made to stand out in style, it features top notes of lemon and cardamom to show off a lot of spicinesses, while its heart notes of bamboo, mimosa, and green tea represent its spiritual show.

Its base of vetiver and cedar are necessary and that gives it authority with a lot of wood smell, especially vital for any day in autumn. The longevity of this perfume is rather long-lasting and it’s very heavy scent is the strongest aroma of the five on this list.


Final Considerations

These 5 Best Perfumes With Bamboo For Her are those fragrances that you were looking for if you are overwhelmed by the incessant heat, come and try some fresh air. Using bamboo perfumes is something that really any girl can afford to do because the comfort it generates is great and they are presented so spontaneously that any time of the year is enjoyable.

But if we review a little more before culminating, we will notice that these perfumes have grown little by little until they adhere to the new trends without losing their essence completely, achieving a perfect harmony between the old and the modern that has amazed the women. The five best fragrances with bamboo for her are still necessary perfumes to shine both in the sporty and energetic as well as in the elegant.

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