Best Fall Perfumes for Women and Men

10 Best Fall Perfumes for Women and Men

Best Fall Perfumes. Autumn has come, and it’s time to change your perfume wardrobe – refreshing and super-positive summer fragrances are being replaced by others. Bright and saturated, they seem to be created to beautifully “shimmer” on the skin and form an elegant, memorable train.

In addition, in autumn, as in no other season of the year, a special, mystical, and melancholic mood becomes relevant. But we do not recommend diving too deep into the abyss of sadness: after all, autumn is a great time for perfume lovers to “walk” the fragrances pushed into the far corner of the closet in summer.

So, goodbye citrus and light fruity compositions, long live thick floral, spicy, and chocolate shades! In autumn, perfumes with notes of vetiver and incense open beautifully on the skin, creating the effect of a smoking fire in the forest.

Aromas with coffee and vanilla, warming alcoholic, tobacco, creamy, and honey motifs are also relevant. Moist cool air is an ideal environment for chypres and classic French perfumes for women, leather, balsamic and woody compositions for men.


10 Best Fall Perfumes for Women and Men 2022


1. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight For Women

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Ripe berries in a glass of champagne, a drop of pomegranate syrup and white flower petals – this bitter, thick feminine fragrance brings to mind early autumn. A huge flower bed of autumn flowers, gatherings with friends in a cafe, the aroma of the latest fragrant herbs flying through the car window … Light nostalgia and a feeling that the best is ahead. A great everyday perfume for fall.


2. Hermes Terre d Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver For Men

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This version of the classic Terre d`Hermes is a unique combination of the scorching, tart, and smoky accents with cool, bitter-fresh ones. At the center of the story, this men’s fragrance tells is His Majesty Vetiver, with smoky, earthy, dry solemn undertones. The fragrance is especially good in the autumn windy air. Then citruses and wet oak moss sound incredibly sonorous, creating the feeling of expensive classic cologne, as they say, “under a white shirt”.


3. Cacharel Amor Forbidden Kiss EDP For Women

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This perfume will appeal to all the sweet tooth: strong coffee, chocolate ice cream with fruit and berry syrup, oriental hookah smoke with spices, freshly cut peonies in a vase… The morning after a night of love, a slightly defiant and inimitably sexy smell. This is really “Forbidden Kiss” – this is how the name of the fragrance from Cacharel is translated. If you want your autumn to smell of passion, try this unusually rich perfume.


4. Lalique White in Black For Men

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Lalique offers a calm, balanced everyday men’s fragrance for all occasions this autumn. A spicy cocktail of citruses and spices, powerful vanilla, and woody-balsamic motifs only emphasizes the austere, elegant beauty of lavender.

This is a good, universal gift for those who are new to perfumery or those whose olfactory preferences are unknown to you. The train is soft, not flashy, refined, and remains on the clothes for a long time.


5. Yves Saint Laurent Libre EDP For Women

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Perfume Magnificent Libre is a story about a perfect imaginary flower whose sweet, languid scent is reminiscent of jasmine. A fabulous flower is woven from citruses and ylang-ylang, vanilla and sandalwood, warm chocolate patchouli, amber, and cedar. A loud, status, chic floral fragrance will come in handy on an autumn evening if you are going on a date or an important event.


6. Carner Barcelona Palo Santo For Men

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How about rum with cream in a wooden glass? Gingerbread with caramel, nuts, and vanilla syrup? A perfectly balanced combination of sweetness, bitterness, balsamic and woody accords offers Palo Santo. Strong alcohol, warm milk with spices, sweets steaming on a tray – in the fall, such a perfume will quickly warm and cheer you up on a dank gray morning.


7. Ramon Monegal Cuirelle EDP For Men

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Corelle perfume can be compared to a kaleidoscope: the notes smoothly replace each other, telling a unique story. Cinnamon with honey, salted wood and waxed leather, viscous liqueur, and resinous incense – it seems that this melody will last forever … Velvety, with tart and sweet undertones, Cuirelle is magnificent in autumn, and in the dry warm weather. By the way, this fragrance “plays” on leather things just amazingly.


8. Xerjoff V Laylati EDP For Men

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This perfume is for all those who find the famous “Black Afghan” by Nasomatto too assertive and harsh. Layla is a more “combed”, one might say, European variation of “Afghan”, known for its smoky chords.

There is tobacco here, but it is softer, although you cannot refuse it in density and languor. These accords are complemented by cedar and musk, vanilla, and fresh nutty notes. On men’s skin, it sounds noble and elegant, shimmering in the cool autumn air.


9. Serge Lutens Feminity Du Bois EDP For Women

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“I love the magnificent nature of withering” – these poetic lines perfectly describe the character and mood of Feminite du Bois perfume by Serge Lutens. A wooden veranda of a country house, a pile of fresh firewood, a plum cake with unsweetened vanilla and cinnamon, black tea on a campfire and Baikal soda, the smell of a coniferous autumn forest… Deep and mysterious, enigmatic and alluring – this smells not only of the thicket but also of hugs beloved woman, her home, where it is always warm and cozy.


10. Amouage Jubilation 25 EDP Spray For Woman

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And this feminine fragrance is recommended to be applied moderately, as it is tailored according to all the canons of oriental compositions and reminds many of the retro styles. At the same time, Jubilation 25 Woman is distinguished by a bright French character, so one can only be surprised at the skill of the perfumer who created this masterpiece.

It can be described as a beautiful floral perfume – warm and tart, slightly smoky due to the spices. This is a thick juice of ripe fruits, honey nectar of white and yellow flowers, chocolate, and black tea. Ideal for chilly autumn air.


Final Verdict

And in conclusion, we note that many of the men’s fragrances presented above can also be worn by women – with a moderate dosage, you get an unusual, chic plume. Fortunately, the fall weather provides ample opportunities for testing perfumes – fog and rain, wind and sun, seashore or thicket, office or cozy café. Everywhere there is an opportunity to give your autumn bright, colorful, and warm shades – and love it with all your heart. Happy perfume dating!


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