Top 10 Best Guitar Learning Apps for Android and iOS

10 Best Guitar Learning Apps for Android and iOS

Learning to play the guitar is much harder than it seems, but the result is worth the effort.  You don’t have any teacher to teach the Guitar? Don’t worry, today we mention the Best Guitar Learning apps for iOS and Android that surely will help you to learn it quickly.

Best Guitar Learning Apps for Android and iOS

Learning to play an instrument is one of the most useful things you can do, but it’s hard to learn without help. Fortunately, there are a few free programs you can use to learn how to play the guitar.

1. Real Guitar ( The Android & iOS)

A real guitar simulator is one of the best Guitar Learning Apps for iOS and Android. It can mimic both acoustic and electric guitars and works on both tablets and smartphones. It also supports multitouch, which is very important for playing chords.

Besides the loop tracks that you can play together, there is also a recording mode and an option to export to MP3 format. That means you can find songs and play them with a Real Guitar and save them later.

If you’ve never had a job with your guitar and now want to learn to play the guitar, this app will help you fulfill your dream.

Cheerful, easy, and very practical application for use. It’s a good choice for those who want to learn or play the guitar without creating too much noise.

2. Perfect Ear (Android & iOS)

In the list of best Guitar Learning Apps for Android and iOS, Perfect Ear comes in 2nd position. While Perfect Ear is not specific to a guitar application, it is extremely useful for anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar.

It aims to produce two important skills that every musician needs to know: rhythm and tone. Owning a developed auditory mastery and rhythm sense is very important for every musician.

It is very important that you understand the basic information such as intervals, scales, and chords to improvise, understand melodies by Ear, recognize the advancement of the chord, or simply tune your guitar without a tuner.

Perfect Ear comes with dozens of intervals, scales, chords, and workouts from rhythm. Also, there are instructors for the vision – reading, absolute pieces, and singing notes. If you have problems with different shades, you need this program.

3. GuitarTuna: Guitar, Bass Tuner (IOS & Android)

It’s just a guitar tuning tool: It’s a fast and easy-to-use app with + 100 tweaks on 15 tools. Many mobile apps can help you set up your guitar, but GuitarTuna is absolutely the best.

It can also work with bass, Ukulhas, violin, Vìolončelem, banjo, and other popular stringed instruments, so if you want to play it later on another tool, you will not need to look for another application.

It works with both electric and acoustic guitars and string instruments using the built-in microphone. No wires are required. It is good for beginners and is a recommended textbook for the guitar. It provides clear visual feedback via a simple and intuitive interface.

4. Justin Guitar (IOS, Android)

Justin Guitar is one of the best websites to learn guitar. There is a reason that every beginner guitarist is drawn to the site. The website offers numerous lessons from Justin Sanderko, who simply lays out the basics of the instrument.

This app is an extension of this website and provides everything you need. Unlike other guitar tutorials, the method of teaching Justin at starting lessons is the ultimate, true, effective, cheerful, and logically structured method available for learning the guitar.

Over a million people have learned to play the real guitar using free guitar web lessons. Lessons are now available interactively in these apps. These guitar lessons start at the beginning and show all the techniques. So you can learn to play the guitar and play great songs from the beginning!

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5. Yousician – Your Music Teacher (Android & iOS)

Yousician is a personal music textbook program that covers tools such as guitar, piano, Ukulhas, and bass. Learn and play thousands of songs on your real tool, listen to the app, and get instant feedback.

He can never replace a true teacher, but Yousician is very close to him. In this program, there are step-by-step video tutorials that teach lessons developed by music teachers, highlighting topics such as chords and more.

The best feature is that it listens to your game and then evaluates your performance, so you know what’s right and what you’re doing wrong.

6. Guitar 3D-Basic Guitar Chords-guitar 3D Chords (iOS & Android)

If you try to explore the chords and perhaps you are a beginner, Guitar 3D is a great app that will help you. Includes all chords for learning, showing them in 3D. This means that you can quickly see where your fingers should be placed on the guitar.

If you need to see position and finger movements at different angles, enjoy interactive guitar chord learning in three-dimensional environments. Learn the correct finger movements in the chord transitions. All animation and real guitar recordings were made with academic musicians.

Not only that, but it also shows the transitions of fingers between chord changes, which is very important when attempting to learn a song.

The app also highlights the lines you want to play and offers a separate screen mode so that you can see both hands.

Besides, there are lessons and exams to test your knowledge of chords. In a short time, you will become a chord master.

7. Andy Guitar (iOS & Android)

Andy’s Guitar app is a great way to get access to video lessons, courses, and other materials available on Andy’s Guitar website. You do not need an account, but if you have an account, your content will be perfectly synced between the website and your devices.

In the Andy-guitar app, the instructor Andy, conducted many lessons and song training sessions and answered the most frequently asked questions that were asked by new guitarists.

Andy is surely one of the Best Guitar Learning Apps if you are looking to learn it quickly. Andy is a wonderful and patient teacher. The lessons are clearly organized, and the progress is clear, so you’ll feel as if you’re learning quickly.

Learn to play guitar with Andy Guitars, here you will find hundreds of free online guitar lessons such as song lessons, a course for beginners, play music, and a question and answer about how to learn to play guitar.

8. Metronomerous – Pro Metronome (Android)

Most metronome applications are very simple, and as they improve your skills, they will now become useless to you. However, Metronomerous, one of the best metrology programs, can help you with this moment.

The interface may seem a bit daunting at first, but it’s because it can do a lot. This metronome will improve your rhythmic skills and music with wonderful and useful features. Some time is needed to get basic information about musical notes.

If you’re just looking for an app with basic features, this might be great. However, Metronomerous is the only app that will give you the freedom you need.

9. Smart Chord (Android)

If you want an all-in-one application for guitarists, smart Chord is a great choice. The application, which is intended to spread all the different chords and movements on the guitar grime, has now become a more complex tool.

The Backlink Chord Finder is very useful, but smartChord also has features for tone detection, hundreds of preset settings, dozens of different scales, the basic metronome, a virtual guitar for times when you don’t have your real guitar, the exact tone generator.

10. Learn Guitar: Chords-3000 + Chords (Android)

If you want a simple app filled with all the chords you want to explore, the 3000-chord progressions are a good choice for you. It’s not as rich as some of the other programs listed here, but it’s simple and focused precisely on what we want: it offers a superior, free chord chart database.

Not only can you show the chords, but also play them to you so you can match the sound. It also has chords and learning games so you can learn some simple guitar theories. It also supports left guitarists with a function that is often not noticed.

Since most online chords are adapted for right-wing guitarists, they also support left-wing guitarists as they know how hard it is to find left-guitarist chords.

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