Top 5 Best Hilarious Adult Anime Series

Best Hilarious Adult Anime Series

5 Best Hilarious Adult Anime Series 

The cartoons are no longer reserved for children. Currently, some animation series also exist to amuse adults. Here below we have enlisted in some of the best hilarious Adult anime series to watch. A good number of these television series are of American production. Thus, it is no surprise that they appear on the Fox channel in the majority of cases. It is interesting to present the five titles most appreciated by the public.


1. The Cleveland Show

Produced by Seth MacFarlane, The Cleveland Show is an American animated television series. Cleveland Brown and his family from the famous The Griffins series play the leading roles. In high school, Cleveland fell in love with the lovely Donna.

Despite her attraction to him, the young girl gives in to Robert’s advances and marries him. Later, when the protagonist leaves the town of Quahog to find his ex in Stoolbend, Virginia, something happens between them.


2. American Dad!

Who does not know American Dad!? This American adult animated television series and sitcom is the masterpiece of Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman. The story revolves essentially around the Smith family and three other main characters in the dailies of its members. The storylines show a happy Stan Smith as a husband and father. Nevertheless, the comedic side of the plot is based, among other things, on its propensity to ramble from time to time.


3. Kings of Texas

Adult cartoon enthusiasts never tire of watching Kings of Texas. This American animated television series by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels is broadcast in several versions.

In the original and French versions, the Hill family is in the foreground. The interest of the story relates to the comedy of three different situations. First, Peggy Hill, the wife of Hank Hill, is an acting Spanish teacher who does not have a good grasp of the language. Second, their boy, Bobby Hill, is not managing his excess weight well. Finally, the father, also an introvert, allows himself to lecture his son.

These characters are known by other names in the Quebec version, probably to indicate that it is about a new series. In addition, the context of history located in Texas gives way to a Quebec spatial context. However, we still feel the Texas origin of the family.


4. Babe My Love

The animated series Aishiteruze Baby of Yoko Maki features Kippei a rich seductive, but not very smart in school. However, the life he leads will soon take another turn. His older sister confides in him about their little cousin Yuzuyu whose mother has just disappeared.

Although painful at first, this role of big brother allows the character to change over time. Later, not only does he become more attentive to Yuzuyu and his expectations, but he also ends up taking his studies seriously.


5. Doug

Designed by Jim Jinkins with the collaboration of Joe Aaron, Doug is an American animated television series featuring a hero named Douglas “Doug” Rascal. Despite his young age, he has all the qualities needed to be a perfect boy. He is sassy and inventive in addition to being friendly.

The teenager writes down his experiences with Moustic, or Stick, his great intelligent friend. In addition, he has feelings for Patti Mayonnaise without daring to declare his love for her. However, his contact with Roger Klotz, his opponent, will transform his friendliness into sadism.



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