What is the impact of voice assistants on SEO

Impact of Voice Assistants on SEO

What is the Importance of Voice Assistants in SEO?

With the development and improvement of voice assistants, a change is taking place in SEO. To appear as high as possible in search engine rankings is the goal of SEO. To achieve this goal, you not only need to produce quality content but also use specific keywords. Even if this order does not manage to be upset, serious novelties are already intervening and will prevail in the future in SEO.


The Voice Assistant Revolution

Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant … The race for voice assistants is on more than ever. From speakers connected to computers to smartphones, voice assistants have already become widespread. With them came voice search, more convenient than ever.

Appearing at the dawn of the 21st century, assistants are becoming more and more efficient with the development of artificial intelligence. Even if some of them still suffer to achieve the goal, like Siri, other voice assistants are already efficient, like Google Assistant.

With Google Assistant, voice search is gaining more and more ground. Even if it is present on the computer, Google Assistant is more used on smartphones. The craze for voice search continues to grow. For Search Engine Land, voice search will represent around 50% of internet searches by the end of 2020.


Impact of Voice Assistants on Sear Engine Optimization

Will voice search impact SEO? No, it’s already impacting SEO. Now we are talking about voice SEO. Voice search leads the Internet user to no longer formulate his requests in the form of “best DTT decoder”, but “What is the best DTT decoder?” “.

Here, even though the intention remains the same, it is clearly stated in the form of a question. It is no longer a simple keyword alignment, but real sentences in the form of complete questions. As a result, owners will now have to adapt their web content.

According to Bright Local, more than 30% of voice searches will be on smartphones by the end of 2020. So you understand that changes are needed in SEO. With voice assistants, you need to review your strategy.


  • Voice search: how to optimize your site

Realizing the big change that voice search is bringing about, you need to optimize your site.


  • Adapt to mobile

An ergonomic site is one that adapts to the Internet user’s system. In 2020, the mobile display of your site is no longer to be neglected. Indeed, the majority of voice searches are done through smartphones. So if you want to appear in the results, you must adapt your pages to mobile display. Also, the loading time should be faster.


  • Content in the form of a question-answer

With voice search, the user’s request is no longer just an association of important words, but an interrogative sentence. To this end, you must now write your subtitles as a question and provide a clear answer. The Internet user who asks the question expects a precise answer. The latter is important for henceforth appearing at the “zero position”.

The zero position is the position before the first rank in the results. This position is displayed as an answer to the Internet user’s question. You can therefore insert FAQs in your article.

With voice search, it is more than important to prioritize your text with lots of Hn. Voice assistants spawned voice searches. More practical, the latter induces changes. However, the rules of SEO are not to be flouted. Keywords and quality content are still essential, more than ever.



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