Top 10 Best football games on Android

Best Football Games for Android

10 Best Football and Soccers Games To Play on Android Smartphones

Soccer fans and game lovers, do you want to play on your Android smartphone? Here are the best football games for Android. Xbox, Nintendo, PS5, and brands are not lacking in ingenuity to offer us consoles in order to live more experiences in front of our television. Also, the versions on computers are varied and do not fail to conquer. But there are times when the player wants to take all kinds of positions to better lead his team.

Experiencing a game of football on a console cannot offer as much freedom of movement as on the phone. Do you want to experience the atmosphere of football with the freedom to sit or lie down? Here are the best soccer games to play on your Android smartphone.


1. eFootball PES 2020

Are you looking for the best football game on your smartphone? You must download eFootball PES 2020. With almost perfect graphics compared to those of the console, this opus from KONAMI is undoubtedly the best game. Of Japanese origin where it is still referred to as Winning Eleven, PES remains the number 1 competitor in terms of playability and Gameplay on the smartphone.

Even if FIFA, in terms of advertising has established itself in hearts, those nostalgic for PES 2 still recognize it as its own. Admittedly, PES is less alive than FIFA, but it is especially loved for its unpredictable side.

  • Version: 4.6.2
  • Size: 1.70 GB


2. FIFA Mobile 2020

The main competitor of eFootball PES, FIFA remains the most famous video game. In addition to the console version, EA sport also offers an Android version that will allow you to experience soccer in any position you want. In addition to the ability to choose your team and play, this version of FIFA includes the very famous Ultimate Team Mode available on the console. With this mode, you collect player cards. With them, you can build the team of your dreams to challenge your opponents.

It was definitely this mode that made FIFA famous. In addition, its parent company; EA sport has exclusive rights to several competitions and may use the kits, stadiums, and names of several clubs. Unfortunately, Cristiano and Juventus are not present in this version. PES 2020 holds exclusivity.

  • Version: 13.1.14
  • Size: 82, 67 MB


3. PES CLUB Manager

Are you a Manchester United fan and don’t like how Ed Woodward is handling your team? Maybe you are a Barcelona fan and want to replace Bartomeu. On PES CLUB Manager, you can take the reins of your club. But here you have to start your own team.

PES Club Manager is not a football match simulation game, but a management game like Football Manager. With this game from KONAMI, you enter the business side of football. You create your club and its stadium. You choose a badge and a jersey. The game features fictitious swimsuits, but you can pick one from a real club and go for it. Good luck.

  • Version: 3.4.2
  • Size: 1.48 GB


4. Soccer Stars 2020 Top league: The FOOTBALL game

Several nuggets have been promised fame, but their careers have taken a whole new course. You don’t want that? Soccer Stars 2020 offers you to turn things around. With him, you create your player and work with him to achieve his dream of playing in the big football teams.

As long as your performance is good, you will not run out of the contract. We warn you: this is an easy game, but addicting. You will certainly know the pleasures. You have the option to change the course of the match: you are in the heart of the action.

  • Version: 2.3.0
  • Size: 107 MB


5. Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Long before the arrival of the PES CLUB MANAGER, the Football Manager was at the top of his game. It is also an addicting game that is popular in France, where it is commonly called FM, and in Europe. As Football Manager, you are in control of your club, you manage all aspects of it.

No more time to waste on purchasing a player; no more time to watch a coach ruin the good looks of your team. You are the boss and control everything! Training, tactics, adjustments, and changes, it’s you. Unfortunately, the game isn’t free, but it’s worth its weight in gold. With 7.59 euros, it’s fun for a good manager. Good luck!

  • Version: 11.3.0 (ARM64)
  • Size: 1.20 GB


6. Dream League Soccer 2020

On display, is Gareth Bale. But what made this game famous is its beautiful graphics and incredible realism. In addition, it is a free video game with no ads or bugs. Dream League Soccer is a magnificent game with excellent gameplay. What do you still need?

We do not forget the successful soundtrack that accompanies the matches. In the shadow of EA and KONAMI, First Touche is creating a revolution. In Dream League Soccer, it’s you who build your team and make it evolve. You begin the ascent to the upper divisions.

  • Version: 7.42
  • Size: 333 MB


7. Top Eleven 2020 – Football Manager

Become very famous thanks to José Mourinho, Top Eleven is no longer really to present. It is a management game where you are the head of your team. Here, it’s time to show that you have a better game than the Special One; how better you are a tactician than Guardiola! You are on the sidelines, making the adjustments, and commenting on the game.

  • Version: 10.7
  • Size: 90, 90 MB


8. Score! Hero

Developed by First Touch Games, Score! The hero is the game that turns you into a Hero. Here, you play as a player whose only desire is to rise through the ranks. You start your career by doing a few tries in a club. If you succeed, a small club offers you a contract: it is the beginning of the adventure.

In this game, nothing is difficult. You just have to slide your finger on the screen of your smartphone and you’re done. Level Graphics, the game has something to attract. Everything is fine and the sound is perfect. It’s free to play and you don’t mind any ads.

  • Version: 2.51
  • Size: 91.77 MB


9. Head Soccer LaLiga Football

Want to have fun without brainstorming? Download Head Soccer. It’s a 2D soccer game where everything is one-on-one. Dribbles, jumps, set pieces, everything is useful to try to score in the opposing camp. Choose your team and challenge your opponent. You can play a variety of football competitions there.

  • Version: 6.0.7
  • Size: 82.02 MB


10. Captain Tsubasa Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa Dream team comes in the last place among the 10 best football and soccer android games. Friends of Olive and Tom? It’s time to put yourself to the test. If you don’t know this cartoon, you can still follow it. You will fall in love with it. After, come and show if you are worthy of your characters with Captain Tsubasa Dream Team. Like your characters, you create your dream team to rewrite Captain Tsubasa’s story.

  • Version: 3.5.0
  • Size: 92.41 MB



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