Top 10 best historical movies to watch

Best Historical Movies to Watch

10 Best Historical Movies You Need to Watch Now 

The film producers do not fail to be inspired by the historical reality to carry out each of their works. These allow you to see more clearly in the past, especially for film lovers demanding seriousness and reality. In order to share the pleasure of enjoying a good cinema, here are the 10 best historical movies of all time. They are among the best-rated achievements by the public. In addition, they are all works marked by great originality.

1. Schindler’s List

In the list of best history-based movies, Schindler’s List is both a historical and a dramatic film. Released in 1993, it was directed by Steven Spielberg. This story takes up the scenarios that evoke the period of the Second World War. Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist wants at all costs to prevent the death of 1,200 Jews in the Plaszow concentration camp, a village in Krakow. To achieve this, he recruits them from his factory.


2. The Pianist

It is a realization of Roman Polanski. The Pianist is a film based on the life story of a young and remarkable Jewish-Polish pianist. Forced to live in the ghettos of Warsaw in Poland, Wladyslaw Szpilman had to go through a great deal of suffering and humiliation. Added to this was the invasion of Soviet troops toward the end of World War II.


3. Edmond

It is a historical comedy released in 2019 by Alexis Michalik. It tells the story of a young French writer, Edmond Rostand. As time goes by, this artist and father of a family find himself overwhelmed and distressed by his situation.

Indeed, he has not managed to write a single play for two years. In the course of the story, an opportunity finally presents itself to him. To be able to capture it, he will have to seduce a famous actor with a play he has not even written yet. Will he live up to Constant Coquelin’s expectations?


4. Twelve Years a Slave

In the 1840s, Solomon Northup, a black American from New York State, was kidnapped and sold as a slave to the owner of a plantation in Louisiana. He had to fight for twelve long years for his freedom. This dramatic film, released in 2013, was directed by Steve McQueen.


5. The Speech of a King

During the 30s, Prince Albert succeeded his father, King George V, after his brother Edward VIII gave up the throne. The worst part is that the new king has a speech impediment. The story relates to the obstacles he must overcome in order to get rid of this handicap.

A doctor named Lionel Logue, an Australian speech therapist with flawless methods, is the only person able to help him. In September 1939, the King was able to deliver his speech successfully. The announcement was made on the occasion of England’s entry into the war against the Nazis. This film directed by Tom Hooper was released in 2010.


6. Amadeus

The film directed by Milos Forman was released in 1984 before being reprinted in 2002. The story reflects the exploits of the famous musician and composer Antonio Salieri. It takes place at the dawn of the 19th century. It was at this same time that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart made his appearance in Vienna at the expense of the aforementioned protagonist. Mozart is a very famous young boy all over Europe and talented moreover. Salieri implements an action plan to unlock his secret.


7. Colonia

Lena and Daniel find themselves in the middle of the 1973 coup in Chile. Air hostess and professional photographer, these two lovers are among the demonstrators against General Pinochet. They ended up being arrested and detained at the National Stadium.

Their holders reserve an unshakeable fate for them. Meanwhile, Daniel and Lena have discovered the secrets of this new leader during their detention. Therefore, they try to escape from Colonia Dignidad, a secret organization of Pinochet which is headed by Paul Schäfer. Florian Gallenberger is the director of the film released in 2015.


8. The Passion of Joan of Arc

This historical film of medieval France, directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer in 1927, evokes the last days of Joan of Arc, the virgin of Orleans. She is accused of witchcraft by the Church, the bishop as well as the inquisitors of the time. Thus, they condemn her to the stake after having treated her of all kinds. How will she manage to resist this ordeal?


9. The labyrinth of silence

The Maze of Silence is a German drama film directed by Giulio Ricciarelli. Johann Radmann puts the Auschwitz trial on the carpet following the discovery of important information.

The film is based on a case involving the death of Auschwitz. It hung around for three years before being done once and for all. The work embodies characters who really existed, including three historical prosecutors, an attorney general, and a journalist.


10. Royal Affair

It is a Danish-Czech drama film, co-written and directed by Nikolaj Arcel, released in 2012. The setting of this feature film represents the country of Denmark in 1770. The country is ruled by King Christian VII despite his inability to fulfill his function as a monarch. For good reason, he suffers from psychological disorders. Added to this is the adultery of his wife, Queen Caroline Mathilde of Hanover.

Feeling neglected, she ends up having a sentimental relationship with Doctor Johann Friedrich Struensee. From there, this man with revolutionary principles brings about a great change in the history of the country.



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