Razer Respawn the first Gaming Chewing Gum

Razer Respawn Gaming Chewing Gum

Razer Respawn the First Gaming Chewing Gum

Razer is famous for issuing characteristic gaming equipment – keyboards, mice, and even pads. The Razer company, however, decided to surprise us and now sells gaming chewing gum Respawn. But don’t be afraid, it has special properties. Do you sometimes feel too tired to play? This is probably a signal that you need to be especially stimulated! Or at least that’s what gaming companies think.

Razer decided to enter into cooperation with the American company 5 Gum, and their common child is another product in the RESPAWN food line. This time it’s not about an energy drink, but about real chewing gum.

Razer, one of the most popular brands in the gaming industry, likes to surprise. The company has already offered “playful” products, such as a real gaming toaster! Yes, a toaster that perfectly bakes a “Gamer” breakfast and is baked on bread associated with the snake logo. The offer itself turned out to be only a joke on Prima Aprillis, but players picked up the topic anyway, and Razer himself became a kind of meme.

As for the company itself – it has dealt with food before, because it has created a special energy drink intended, of course, for “real players”. The drink was named RESPAWN and the newest item in the “green” offer also belongs to the same line.


The Real Gamer Just Chews

The video games that used to be associated with nerdy wanna-be creators who spent every afternoon off in the basement tinkering with a new console or game have evolved considerably. Due to the popularization of e-sports, and the visible commercialization of the entertainment branch itself, it is already fun for the masses.

It is not surprising then that the companies professionally dealing with “gaming” seem to be looking for newer and newer ways to encourage players to each other. After all, everyone has a mouse, keyboard, or controller at home, but … chewing gum without which no match in CS: GO can be played? This is new. And this is quite a controversial novelty, it is worth saying.



Yes, Razer sells rubber, which, like no other equipment, does not appeal too much at a price – one package was priced at $ 2.99, and a box with 10 packages (each containing 15 stripes of rubber) is an expense of $ 27.99.

There are three flavors – mint, watermelon-pomegranate, and tropical mix, each of them additionally enriched with a special set of vitamins to ensure full concentration and mental efficiency during the game. Interestingly, Razer does not boast that the gum also contains caffeine, and in large amounts. One leaf is supposed to have 95 milligrams of caffeine! Official Razer Store.



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