7 Best Kiwi Perfumes For Women

Best Kiwi Perfumes for Women

Being delicate is part of being a real woman, and it’s always important to stick to all of her rules. This is the best thing you can give a girl, and it’s even more clear if we talk about perfume.

The best perfumers, on the other hand, keep this in mind. Because of this, kiwi is often used as a name for some of the most unique scents, along with its very clear notes and sweet presence.

This is why we’re going to show you the 7 Best Perfumes With Kiwi for Women. These scents are both delicious and feminine, and you can wear them when class is the most important thing.

Top 7 Kiwi Perfumes For Women

1. Azzaro Wanted Girl Tonic

Wanted Girl Tonic by Azzaro

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For women, Azzaro is a name that stands out, and Wanted Girl is one of the scents that best describes what it means to be both elegant and full of energy. This perfume for women was in the Floral Fruity scent family and came out in 2020.

There are notes of bamboo, kiwi, ginger, acai berries, and datura in this perfume, which makes it very open and full of good fruity smells. To give you an example, we say that it is very new, beautiful, and classy for a girl who wants to look the most girly.

You should also wear this perfume in the spring and know that it will last a long time and leave a similar scent.

2. Paris Hilton With Love Eau de Parfum

With Love by Paris Hilton

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The fact that Paris Hilton is behind a perfume means that it has to be bold and stylish. Love shows it in style. The smell of this perfume is meant to make you fall deeply in love with it. It came out in 2014 and was part of the Floral Fruity fragrance family for women.

The smell of it becomes sexual, so the notes, which are kiwi, musk, jasmine, bergamot, and orchid, must also smell sensual. Also, you should know that it has strong and fresh fruit notes that will give you a lot of energy day and night.

This perfume’s smell is so great that you can use it to bathe in the summer. It lasts a moderate amount of time and leaves a heavy trail.

3. Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold

True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger

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You will never be bored when Tommy Hilfiger is around, so shine with True Star Gold, a perfume made for very special occasions and stars. This is part of the Floral Fruity fragrance family for women and came out in 2005.

With True Star, you’ll feel pumped up because its scent includes white honey, milk Virginia juniper, pink tulip, kiwi, raspberry, citrus, and melon. It’s the most interesting thing in a strong cocktail, with kiwi leaving its mark on an elegant style while being accompanied by many fresh citrus tips, a wonderful perfume journey.

At the same time, it’s pretty amazing how well-detailed its warm notes are for winter. It lasts a very long time, and its trail is heavy.

4. Oscar de la Renta So de la Renta

So de la Renta by Oscar de la Renta

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So de la Renta by Oscar de la Renta is a big and capitalized word in kiwi scents around the world because it probably best describes a woman’s highest level of luxury. It was released in 1997 and was part of the Floral Fruity scent family for women.

In other words, it has a lot of classic elements, but it’s also about to blow up with technology. With notes of resia, musk, plum, vanilla, samba jasmine, kiwi, and orange, it won’t let anything get out of hand because the fruity and floral scents work well together. Then it can be fully understood as a pleasant, soft smell.

Because of this, the only time to use it is in the fall, and it lasts a long time even though it leaves a heavy wake.

5. Ralph Lauren Ralph Cool Eau de Parfum

Ralph Cool by Ralph Lauren

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Ralph Cool by Ralph Lauren is a fun perfume that goes beyond the usual kiwi scents and shows drive. Avoid stopping to use it if you want to try a perfume that is fun everywhere. It was released in 2004 and is in the Floral Fruity scent family for women.

The scent is meant to be fun, especially at parties, without taking away any respect or feminine avant-garde. Honeysuckle, jasmine, kiwi, vetiver, musk, and linden blossom are some of the notes that make it up.

Inside everything, there is a perfume with a pretty light scent, but that doesn’t matter because it lasts a long time and leaves a thick trail. The great mix of wildflowers in this Ralph Cool will make you feel cool and stylish all summer long.

6. Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum

Britney Spears Fantasy

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All of Britney Spears’ perfumes can be worn for different reasons, like thinking of big, expensive things. Because of this, Fantasy, which came out in 2005 and is in the Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance family, is proof of this.

The way it smells is lovely and girly, and no one who uses it can escape the world. Its kiwi, orris root, musk, white chocolate, and quince notes make it good for any time of the day, so you will need to know how to handle their smell very well. This is clear from its very modern scent and the strength and quality of its field fruit scents.

It also works well, especially in the fall; it lasts a long time; and its smell lingers, luring even the coldest women in the world.

7. Cher Lloyd Pink Diamond Eau de Parfum

Pink Diamond by Cher Lloyd

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Cher Lloyd is a name that has its own perfume, and that perfume is one of the best known smells in the world of perfumery. The fragrance was part of the Floral Fruity family for women and came out in 2012.

It smells very expensive because the box it comes in is a real pink gem. They want it to be a scent that is somewhere between sweet and sweet. It has notes of orchid, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, jasmine, white chocolate, and kiwi. Fruity to make you feel like you’re eating rich ice cream.

This Cher Lloyd also has a lot of great qualities. For example, it smells great on spring days, and its middling longevity and soft trail make it clear that it’s not for everyone, but only the best.


Kiwi is a very picky fruit that’s only meant for the most beautiful girls. The seven best Kiwi perfumes for women should make you more aware until you find the right time to use them.

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