10 Best Mail Apps 2022

Best Mail Apps 2021

Best Mail Apps. The e-mail service is one of the oldest and most important communication networks in internet history. While using this system, which many of us check daily and plan the day in line with incoming mails, we want to make sure that the work is carried out safely. In this direction, we have compiled the Best 10 E-Mail Apps.


10 Best Mail Apps To Use For Marketing 2022


1- Gmail

Gmail application, Google’s own service, provides much easier business management with its simple interface, multi-account support, and e-mail tagging system. The only missing aspect of the most downloaded application in the Android version is that it offers you ads from time to time, as in the web version.


2- Mailbox

Mailbox, which served iPhones and iPads in the past, is now among the best e-mail applications of the android system. The application has a user-friendly interface and besides being eye-catching, it offers comfort to use with pre-defined animated commands and scrolling with its stylish design. As an important feature, the file you download from the e-mail message is instantly scanned on the cloud storage area and warns you about viruses and malware.


3- Microsoft Outlook

One of the most used services of Microsoft, Outlook’s own mail application is one of the most used mail applications in the world. It is an indispensable mail application, especially for large companies and users using Office 365. With its focused inbox, it offers you the mails you read the most by prioritizing. With its smart filtering feature, you can easily organize your inbox.


4- MyMail

With a simple interface, this application allows you to upload custom avatars and images for your friends, and offers many alternatives with a file browser. This application, which provides multi-account support, can cooperate with Gmail, iCloud, Me.com, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, AOL, Hotmail.


5- K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is a free email application for the Android operating system. Released as open-source Android software under the Apache License version 2.0. Unfortunately, it is not available in the iOS operating system.


6- Nine Mail – Email & Calendar

You can use this application, which has the most professional and extensive functions among all applications, free of charge for 2 weeks It has great design, multiple accounts, calendars and contacts, rich text editor.


7- Spark Email

Spark Email passes as the fastest and smartest app for iPhone. The application makes it useful by classifying your e-mails as personal, notification, and newsletter. You can easily find your emails thanks to the smart search system keywords. In this application, which supports the Apple Watch, you can send your e-mails at a later date you choose.


8- Blue Mail

Blue Mail, which has an Inbox Zero feature, offers much alternative content such as reminders, smart filtering options, and a to-do list via Zero. Offering reminder support for e-mails you do not have time to reply to, Blue Mail can collaborate with Gmail, Yahoo !, AOL, Outlook, or iCloud accounts.


9- Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail has the feature of easily sorting your emails under different headings in specific folders. An app is a successful option as it is a home screen tool and is compatible with third-party apps like Tasker, Nova Launcher, LightFlow, and Dash Clock.


10- CloudMagic

While the CloudMagic application stands out with its visual power and successful design, it is a fast application due to the codes used during the development phase. You do not need to switch applications when saving a link to Pocket or adding a new note to Evernote via CloudMagic. With the application that supports 5 different e-mail addresses, you can manage all your existing e-mails from a single point.


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