12 Best Nina Ricci Perfumes For Women

Best Nina Ricci Women Perfumes in 2020

These 12 Nina Ricci perfumes for Women are unique and praiseworthy, with distinct aromas that will captivate you.

Identifying with perfume is a unique art that involves more than just buying the product since scents become part of people’s lifestyles and personalities. For this reason, finding exquisite fragrances that adapt to your being is an essential event to which many variables contribute.

12 Best Nina Ricci Perfumes For Women

1. Nina Ricci Nina For Women

This delicious romantic apple was created in 2006. It has prominent citrus, sweet, fresh, fruity, and green accords and belongs to the Floral-Fruity olfactory family for women. Its splendid bottle, in the shape of a red apple, and a golden stem transmit warmth and sensuality.

Nina Ricci Nina For Women

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top notes composed of Amalfi lemon and lime, which take us through those citrus and lemon-filled paths of the South of Naples in Italy; some middle notes of apple, granny smith, and peony that give a touch of distant and floral sweetness.

But accompanied by the praline and datura that provide the final thrust to the fragrance, but not before walking through that warm and unmistakable smell of its notes of the apple tree, musk, and Virginia cedar.

With a moderate trail and longevity, this perfume allows it to be worn during the day and in the spring and summer seasons. The explosion of citrus and florals makes the fragrance a favourite among contemporary adult women and innocent young women with a womanly appeal.

2. Nina Ricci L’Air Eau de Parfum

This exquisite fragrance from the Floral Olfactory family for women saw its light in 2011. It has some primary chords that mix white flowers with powdery, fruity, and woody notes, making it unforgettable.

Its bottle is a beautiful design of a ribbed and transparent bottle with two doves on its lid, a symbol of peace and eternal youth, a hallmark of this distinguished house, whose liquid is floral pink that immediately transports us to spring.

Nina Ricci L'Air Eau de Parfum

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With top notes of jasmine, honeysuckle (white flowers), violet, magnolia, and heart notes of freesia and rose, this fragrance becomes a flowery and fresh field from which we will not want to leave.

The combination of its background with rosewood, wood, and patchouli transports its wearer to an earthly paradise, which will also make you catch all eyes at every step you take.

This sweet and powdery fragrance has a moderate trail and longevity, which is why it is recommended to be used in offices during daylight hours and warm climates and in those intimate moments where its aroma does not go unnoticed, becoming preferred by those elegant ladies and, at the same time, romantic.

3. Nina Ricci Les Délices Eau de Parfum

Dreaminess, delight, and exquisiteness can describe this limited-edition spring fragrance. It belonged to the Floral-Gourmand olfactory family for women born in 2015, with a splendid bottle in a gradient colour of fuchsia and purple.

Nina Ricci Les Délices Eau de Parfum

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It is adorned with a golden lid that conveys a reflection of an elegant and powerful woman. Sweet, Fruity, Citrus, Caramelized, and Green’s primary chords give it that sweet and playful touch typical of fairy tales.

This fragrance stands out for its top notes of lemon and mandarin that cause a citrus and clean sensation, accompanied by its heart of strawberry, caramel, apple, and jasmine that provide the sweet caramel smell typical of a female who wants to go looking for her toy, to culminate with a background of praline, white musk, raspberry, and vanilla that turns that girl into a seductive woman.

Due to its superficial mixing characteristics, young and sweet ladies are inclined to use this fragrance, but they do not neglect elegance. Its moderate trail and longevity make it suitable to be used in the intermediate and spring seasons at any time of the day.

4. Nina Ricci Mademoiselle Ricci

To speak of this perfume refers to its complexity, summarized in elegance, softness, and the delicacy of a feminine woman. It was born in 2012 with a beautiful transparent bottle with a luxurious bow-shaped lid and pink liquid whose colour is given by its primary chords of roses, musk, sweet, and woody.

Nina Mademoiselle Ricci

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Its top notes of wild rose, pink pepper, and raspberry cause that acidic and sensual touch that, when masterfully combined with the oleander flower, gives the fragrance an unmatched delicacy, without forgetting the contact that the rose gives wild (dog rose) and laurels, giving it a comforting and mythical impression.

To finally enter that complex animal world whose background is the aromas of white wood, musk, amber, cedar, and violet, enveloping us in that sensation of animal lust.

This mischievous and versatile fragrance has a trail that ranges from mild to moderate and has longevity so that it can be worn every day and at those hours when you need to feel fresh and light, but at the same time, because of its complexity in its composition. You can use it when you want to feel seductive.

5. Nina Ricci L’Extase For Women

The primary chords of sweet fruit, caramel, roses, and amber give L’Extase, this wonderful creation by Nina Ricci with a suggestive name and an exquisite and provocative aroma.

Under the Oriental-Floral Olfactory Family, this perfume was born in 2015 with an elegant design whose container is a transparent bottle with a smoky touch and a luxury golden cap. It was designed for those women whose eroticism and sensuality are perceived just by looking at them.

Nina Ricci L'Extase For Women

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Its top notes of pink pepper, peach, and pears leave a trail of fresh, subtle air, and its heart notes of rose, white flowers, jasmine, and raspberry give the fragrance a feminine, innocent touch.

Its balsamic base notes of Siam benzoin, Virginia cedar, musk, amber, caramel, patchouli, and vanilla, whose distinctively sweet caramel smell allows us to immerse ourselves in those intimate desires that every person has, crown the exquisiteness.

With a trail and longevity ranging from moderate to long-lasting, it is recommended to be used in the autumn and winter seasons, during the day, and at night. It is aimed at mature, elegant, and distinguished women who are sweet, provocative, and self-confident at the same time and who like to let themselves be enveloped by those intoxicating and unique moments before their loved ones.

6. Nina Ricci Love in Paris

The transition from luxury to love defines this fragrance, conceived for active days and those intense Parisian nights. 2004 this house was released with some primary fruity, floral, sweet, fresh, and powdery chords.

Its luxurious and elegant design comprises a transparent bottle with intense yellow elixir content, like those nights with promising passion.

Nina Ricci Love in Paris

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This floral fragrance for women has top notes of bergamot, rose, and peony, giving it that elegant and fresh aroma of this flower that, combined with peach, star anise, banana, and pear, distils that intoxicating and provocative sweet smell.

Followed by some heart notes of apricot, violet, and jasmine that take its wearer to a romantic world to awaken her from that reverie with base notes composed of musk and woody notes, thus immersing her in an ambiguity that goes from innocent fantasy to those deep waters of seduction.

Elegant, very fine, and intellectual women are carriers of this subtle fragrance that, due to its trail and moderate longevity, can be worn on all occasions, whether in spring or summer, day or night. Since its smell is very harmonious, it invites us to let ourselves be carried away by the warmth, balance, and, of course, love.

7. Nina Ricci Luna Eau de Parfum

The romanticism and mystery that the moon reflects were considered when assembling this splendid and relatively young aroma since it was launched on the market in 2016. It was conceived under sweet, caramel, vanilla, fruity, and woody primary chords.

Its delicious liquid is in a beautiful blue bottle that evokes heaven, freedom, and a young and dynamic woman.

Nina Ricci Luna Eau de Parfum

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This enigmatic fragrance belongs to the Oriental-Vanilla olfactory family; with top notes of wild berries, orange blossom, lime, and tangerine orange, it allows the launch of that characteristic fresh citrus scent.

The heart notes of caramel, jasmine, pear, and immortelle transport those honeycombs and sweets waiting to be snatched, culminating with notes of sandalwood, Madagascar vanilla, white musk, and liquorice that immerse us in a night of woody confections that must be enjoyed under a lunatic spell.

In essence, the sweet and exquisite smell of caramel and musk stands out powerfully, which makes it a tender feminine flirtation, and due to its trail and moderate longevity, it allows it to be worn both in those autumn and winter climates and in the hours of the day: afternoon and evening.

If you want to be distant and mysterious but very inviting for those comforting and endless nights with your loved one, Luna, by Nina Ricci, is for you.

8. Nina Ricci Ricci For Women

This intense and rich perfume was born in 2009; it belongs to the Cyprus-Floral olfactory family for women, and its packaging is spectacular. Its beautiful bottle in a gradient purple colour, adorned with a cap shaped like a beautiful bow, makes this fragrance a skin-deep temptation.

Nina Ricci Ricci For Women

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Nina Ricci’s main accords are white flowers, patchouli, bittersweet, and balsamic, making this fragrance a showy woman’s delicacy. Its top note is citric, given by bergamot and green rhubarb, which gives it that original and unique touch of sweet acid sensation.

Ricci by Nina Ricci’s heart notes of datura make its smell an unimaginable hallucinogen when combined with the floral freshness of tuberose and the tincture of roses. Its base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, wood, and moss give the fragrance some character without being invasive.

With wakefulness and longevity that range from moderate to heavy, it is recommended to be used during the day and night, taking due precaution in the morning. In the same way, it can be worn in cold climates such as the autumn and winter seasons.

This, being a sweet but strong fragrance at the same time, is a good alternative for those days when you feel playful, seductive, and attractive and want to be the centre of attention for men’s looks.

9. Nina Ricci Luna Blossom

Luna Blossom was conceived with floral, fresh, citrus, woody, and fruity accords. It was launched in 2017 with an apple design with gradient lilac and pink colours and crowned with a gold lid, symbolising its elegance.

Nina Ricci Luna Blossom

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Its top notes of bergamot and pear give the fragrance a fruity and sweet aroma, but with a fresh, clean citrus breeze, to then intensify with a floral trail provided by its middle notes of jasmine, the elegant peony, and magnolia that undoubtedly make it exquisite.

This vibrant fragrance has a moderate trail, so it can be used in the summer and during the day for the freshness it transmits, becoming addictive like its predecessor, Luna, but lighter and more avant-garde. Likewise, because it is versatile and has long-lasting longevity, it can be used at night for those mysterious, sensual, and enchanting moments.

10. Nina Ricci L’Elixir For Women

This elixir of eternal youth belonged to the Floral-Fruity Olfactory family and was born in 2010. Its gradient red design and silver lid invite sensuality and subtlety.

Nina Ricci L'Elixir For Women

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A simple fragrance concerning its composition has top notes of Amalfi lemon (Amalfi lime) that give it a refreshing citrus air. Its heart notes are accompanied by jasmine and red berries, making the aroma friendly and ideal to be worn on those spring days in bright sunshine.

This distinctly feminine and sensual perfume undoubtedly honours such an exquisite design. With that caramel apple smell and a moderate trail and longevity, it can be used daily and in different climates by those provocative young women who are subtle, soft, and ravishing.

11. Nina Ricci Pop Party Eau de Parfum

This childish fragrance belongs to the Floral-Fruity olfactory family and saw its light in 2015. It is relatively new on the market and represents modern women and girls. It’s beautiful white, painted with colourful balloons and a gold lid, which makes it fun.

Nina Ricci Pop Party Eau de Parfum

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It has a tangy citrus finish from the lime and lemon and is intoxicating due to the sweet apple, praline, and datura extract in its heart note. In its base note, the apple tree and cedar’s aroma is perceived, giving it that woody touch of lush forest, then moving towards musk notes that give the fragrance all the rage.

This perfume has moderate longevity and can be used during daylight hours; its trail from mild to moderate makes it the perfect candidate to be used at any time of the year because it has a relaxing, soft, and clean aroma that makes it charming.

12. Nina Ricci Premier Jour

Wanting quality, freshness, and femininity, you want this exquisite perfume from the Floral Olfactory family, which saw its beginnings in 2001. It has a transparent and very original container, as it was arranged in a circular shape with clean lines and arranged in two sections, with a very exquisite silver lid.

Nina Ricci Premier Jour

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With top notes that go from the floral of the sweet pea to the citrus that brings the tangerine, a completely floral heart of orchid and gardenia notes, this fragrance transports us to that fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland, where spring fields full of flowers and numbing aromas of great plenitude emerge

It is full of sweetness for its base notes of sandalwood and vanilla, to later bring us back to this earthly world for its woody notes and animal musk.

This floral, sweet, and woody scent is hot and can be used in offices because its trail is simple, not invasive, but still feels elegant. Due to its long-lasting longevity, it is suitable for those nights of tenderness and romance where we want to be the protagonist.

Final Words

When it comes to colognes, these diligent designers intervene in the creative process from the beginning, advising and even directing the composition until they bring them to the dawn of their first flashes of light. This is the case of the great Nina Ricci, who has inspired us thanks to all her delicious perfumes’ creativity and excellent quality.

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