4 Best One Direction Perfumes For Women

Best One Direction Women Perfumes

Girls of a certain age looked up to the boy band. Ever since they started in 2010, they have made everyone crazy about these British people who left the cold streets of England to shine all over the world.

With all of this success, it’s no surprise that One Direction has also been able to launch its own perfume brand. In this article, we’ll look at the 4 best One Direction perfumes for women, which include all of their top hits but from the point of view of perfume.

4 Best One Direction Perfumes For Women

1. One Direction Between Us

One Direction Between Us

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Given how similar it smells and how Sonia Constant created it, Between Us, the perfume by this English band that might stand out the most, is one you could easily give to an elderly woman.

This perfume for women from the Oriental Floral family smells great and is very fresh. It has notes of patchouli from Indonesia, vanilla from Madagascar, amber, nutmeg, and tangerine, which are all extremely delicious.

As a result, it will have a great smell, with notes of citrus and vanilla that may seem far away but are perfect for spring. It will also have a long-lasting body and a mild trail. This is a treat in a bottle that you should only open for special occasions.

2. One Direction That Moment

One Direction That Moment

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That Moment is a perfume that plays with what it means to enjoy the present. It came out in 2014, is very similar to the Floral Fruitiness scent family for women.

A lot of imagination went into making this perfume, which is very young and simple, almost like a bombshell. Green apple, orange, jasmine, violet, and wood are some of the scents that come to mind. This summer piece is the best representation of your brand, especially since it is cool and tropical.

Because of this, its smell is very fruity and full of citruses, with grapefruit being the main note in a spectacular scent that wakes you up. Plus, it has soft and fresh floral notes, lasts a modest amount of time, and leaves a soft trail.

3. One Direction Our Moment

One Direction Our Moment

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One Direction’s “Our Moment” is a great smell for girls who like to remember the good old days. It starts with the Floral Fruity for Women scent family and goes right into winter.

At the height of the band’s popularity in 2013, this perfume came out. Its most notable notes are forest fruits, red berry, pink grapefruit, jasmine, and wood, which give it a very citrus, spicy, and floral scent.

It smells like a mix of citrus fruits and flowers, so there is some heat and some bitterness in the scent. It will keep you busy for a while because it lasts a long time and has a heavy trail.

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4. One Direction You & I

If you want to go out on a splendid date, then do not forget to wear the You & I by One Direction, a perfume that was characterized by being quite loving and belonging to the Floral Fruity Gourmand for Women family and launched in 2014.

One of the secrets of this perfume is that it has a series of very feminine notes, such as mango, grapefruit, osmanthus, orchid, sandalwood, musk, and citrus to compose a perfume truly called English elegance.

You & I by One Direction

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If you do this, you’ll have a scent that is floral and citrusy at the same time. It’s also nice to note that it has a sweet and light touch, making it perfect for fall and incredibly delicious if you want to be casual.

You can enjoy a perfume that has a strong scent and a very long-staying effect; no one can get away from it.


All of these 4 best One Direction perfumes for her are described as being young, artistic, and up-to-date. If you want to smell young and delicate, choose any of these fragrances. All you have to do is read their scents again and again until you find the right one for you. Artwork by One Direction.

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