Mariah Carey Women Perfumes in 2021

5 Best Mariah Carey Perfumes For Women

For many years, Mariah Carey’s name was linked to the strongest voice and one of the best tones in the world. Because of this, respect for her was always at a whole new level. She was so respected that she even knew how to make a name for herself in fashion.

There are a lot of flavors in the five best Mariah Carey perfumes for women that aren’t specific to any one country or area. Any woman in the world can enjoy them.

Mariah Carey’s perfumes often show a range of emotions, from girly and sweet to loving and strong. These are some of the most interesting things about this simple but complex woman. So, it’s not a secret that the Top 5 Mariah Carey Perfumes mark the change from being a teenager to an adult.

5 Best Mariah Carey Perfumes for Women

1. Mariah Carey Dreams Eau de Parfum

Dreams by Mariah Carey

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The American artist’s dreams always changed her life, and she got everything she wanted from them. Dreams is a smart perfume for women that came out in 2013 and is in the Floral Fruity for Women fragrance family.

Along with caramel, almond, caramel apple, bergamot, lily of the valley, Madagascar vanilla, and tonka bean, it has really tasty notes inside. Because of this, your perfume will smell very sweet, with notes of vanilla, caramel, and light wildflowers.

The Dreams is said to be perfect for spring, so it has a modest wake and lasts a long time. There are flower and fresh notes in this perfume that make all the girls in the world love it.

2. Mariah Carey Luscious Pink

Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey

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Luscious Pink is one of the more girly perfumes in Mariah Carey’s famous line. It was a smell that was commissioned by Carlos Benaim Y Loc Dong and is part of the Floral for Women fragrance family. It was also released in 2008.

This perfume is a wide mix of different scents that work together to make it a summer-specific scent.Marine notes, peony, lily of the valley, white musk, sandalwood, and wood are some of the things that make it smell good.

There are strong scents of fruit, vanilla, white flowers, freshness, and wood in the air. It has a strong scent that is meant to be enjoyed for a long time because it lasts a long time and leaves a modest trail. This way, it will have a tropical feel for a long time in the summer.

3. Mariah Carey Forever

Forever by Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey’s songs are about life, and that’s what they wanted to show with this perfume, Forever, which came out in 2009. Finally, this was added to the Floral for Women scent family. It is one of the perfumes with the most green notes, thanks to its creator Olivier Gillotin.

Granny Smith apple, lotus flower, neroli, tuberose, gardenia, lily of the valley, patchouli, and white musk are some of the scents that make up Forever. They give it the sophisticated smell of a woman from the first world. All of these things make Forever a great fall smell. It always has a floral scent with apple freshness and fruity touches.

It is interesting to note that Forever is a popular perfume in part because of its moderate qualities, which go beyond those of its longevity and moderate trail.

4. Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Mine Again

Lollipop Bling Mine Again by Mariah Carey

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Regarding Mariah Carey’s best smells, we must mention Lollipop, a very tasty perfume that came out around 2010. It is in the Floral Fruitiness fragrance family for women and has a number of very tasty notes. Adding red gives it that sexy feel that your star artist gives you.

The notes in this perfume are blood orange, red currant, heliotrope, chocolate, cotton candy, raspberry, magnolia, vanilla, tonka bean, and musk. It smells sweet and fruity, like a real perfume. made for the winter.

Not only does it smell sweet, but it also has hints of heat and vanilla and chocolate notes inside, which make it last a long time and leave a heavy trail.Also, all of these things play a big role in the fact that this perfume never gets old.

5. Mariah Carey M Ultra Pink

M Ultra Pink by Mariah Carey

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You could say that M Ultra Pink, a perfume with a lot of flowers, fruits, and even sea chords, has everything that is Mariah Carey. This is because they were in the Floral for Women scent family.

This scent came out in 2009 with notes of sea, black currants, wild berries, cherry blossom, pink peony, wood, and white musk. That’s why the smell is also a lot of what is strange and pure freshness.It also smells very fruity and lemony, like berries, and is both spicy and addicting.

This M Ultra Pink has a lot to offer in the spring. It also lasts a fair amount of time and leaves a heavy trail.


All of Mariah Carey’s perfumes smell like flowers and new air, which makes them the most comfortable scents you can wear every day without feeling like a queen. The fact that these little works of art show everything that this woman did on stage makes them worth it.

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