5 Best Paul Smith Perfumes For Women

Best Paul Smith Perfumes For Women

If we have to talk about a fashion designer and perfumer who came to change the world panorama, that is Paul Smith; he was born in England and managed to establish a nexus between American and English culture to achieve unique styles; that is why he occupies the site of honor in this article.

5 Best Paul Smith Perfumes For Women

We want to present you the 5 Best Paul Smith Perfumes For Her, not without first talking a little about their aromas, which in most cases reflect a combination of the English world with its eccentricities and humor plus American fun. In any case, we will let you choose to use them yourself because,,,,, whether you like them or not, Paul Smith’s perfumes never leave anyone indifferent.

1. Extreme Woman by Paul Smith

It’s hard to imagine Paul Smith’s scent list without Extreme Woman, his most irreverent perfume that came out in 2003 and was made by Antoine Maisondieu for the Floral Woody Musk for Women olfactory family.

Extreme Woman by Paul Smith

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This perfume has notes of mandarin, black currant, green tea, lily of the valley, cedar, amber, and vetiver. For all this, its aroma is quite woody, in addition to being extremely fruity, and with its fresh touches and citrus it, could not be missing. It is a scent to be used in summer, without a doubt.

It has, at the same time, moderate longevity, in addition to its soft trail, a perfume that does not complicate but that will leave a mark inside you.

2. Rose by Paul Smith

A perfume that was specially designed for feminine women and who want a perfume always adapted to elegance is Rose, which is within the Floral for Women olfactory family and was launched in 2007.

Rose by Paul Smith

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The perfume in question has notes of violet, rose, tea, Turkish rose, and cedar. All this combined between floral and freshness make it have a scent of roses, as well as floral, which is definitely very sweet.

Likewise, it also has a lot of freshness and this makes it ideal for the summer. The Rose Paul Smith is a perfume having moderate longevity and gentle wake time.

3. Paul Smith London Women by Paul Smith

There is no way that this red bottle perfume and special strong aspect will not enchant you for its English style, the Paul Smith London Women is a perfume that is within the Woody Amber olfactory family for Women and that was launched in 2004.

Paul Smith London Women by Paul Smith

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With Jean Pierre Bethouart as a perfumer, we find among its notes fragrances as varied as lilac, anise, lemon, jasmine, and even vanilla. Already we have to add that its aroma is very varied and goes between sweet and vanilla chords, as well as some citrus and florals.

The Paul Smith London Women will be perfect for spring and has moderate longevity alongside a heavy trail.

4. Woman by Paul Smith

A perfume that opened with the whole new millennium in 2000 was Woman, which is well linked to the Floral for Women olfactory family. This was devised and carried out by Nathalie Lorson.

Woman by Paul Smith

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It is made up of truly amazing notes such as black currant, pink pepper, tangerine, rose, green tea, and tonka bean. They all fight to be felt and its aroma ends up being very floral, with wood and some citrus.

The Woman is a perfume made for winter and also has lasting longevity with moderate wake.

5. Portrait for Women by Paul Smith

Born in 2013, Portrait for Women is a perfume that knows how to mix elegance with beauty very well in a perfume designed for young women. It is within the Floral Green for Women olfactory family, it is worth mentioning.

Portrait for Women by Paul Smith

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We can speak of a perfume with a warm aroma and oriented towards fruity chords and where you can also enjoy good doses of citrus and flowers, therefore it will be a perfume for winters and autumn.

Its aroma is composed of notes of black tea, peach, wild rose, jasmine, musk, and black currants, and it has short longevity and a heavy trail.


Never a Paul Smith Cologne leaves you half-baked; it always generates extreme opinions because that is how its fragrances are for better or for worse, its aromas are never far from originality, and for this, they have used various values ​​such as flowers and flowers citrus fruits together with its already characteristic freshness.

It never hurts to read about what their perfumes can offer you, but the real test will be done by you when using them, so go for them now!

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