Best Roger & Gallet Perfumes for Women

8 Best Roger & Gallet Perfumes for Women

You will find more than exceptional perfumes in the Best Roger & Gallet Perfumes For Her list, and checking them out won’t take much time.

But to understand what we are discussing, you need to know more about their scents. This brand originated in France, where Jean-Marie Farina was a major source of inspiration.

Best Roger & Gallet Women Perfumes

Let’s discuss famous brands that have made the world their oyster. A few that date back several centuries must be mentioned, but Roger & Gallet, which has been there since the 18th century and is well-known in the industry, should always be on any list.

1. Roger & Gallet Bois d’Orange

The first perfume in this article has much to do with citrus aromas. It is that the Bois d’Orange is a perfume that came out for the Woody Aromatic olfactory family for Women and was officially launched in 2009.

Bois d'Orange by Roger & Gallet

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The aroma of this perfume has a combination of citrus scents, in addition to being accompanied by wood and spices, to give you one of those super fresh perfumes to wear in summer.

Its secret is in its mandarin, basil, neroli, Virginia cedar, and amber notes, giving it moderate longevity and a heavy trail.

Hence, this perfume has to be worn especially on casual days when you feel comfortable and with a lot of freedom of action everywhere.

2. Roger & Gallet Fleur d’Osmanthus

With sensations between citrus, floral and sweet, we have the Fleur osmanthus, a perfume included within the Floral for Women olfactory family and launched around 2011; it is a classic aroma in Roger & Gallet.

Fleur d'Osmanthus by Roger & Gallet

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If we talk about the compendium of aromas inside, we have to mention, for example, osmanthus, grapefruit, neroli, benzoin, lemon, pink pepper, and petitgrain.

This already adds a lot of natural air to its characteristic formula.

Of course, you will not be able to escape; its spicy aromas, strong citrus fruits, and intense flowers will enchant you throughout the day since it has long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail, making this a perfume for spring.

3. Roger & Gallet Cedrat de Parfum

Always faithful to the brand’s style, Cedrat is a perfume with citrus fruits as the main source of its aromas, while it cannot escape its companions of spices and marine air. This scent is within the Citrus Aromatic olfactory family for Women and was launched in 2007.

Cedrat de Roger & Gallet

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All its notes have something fruity, and its most notable are citron, grapefruit, mint, watermelon, basil, and vanilla.

This adds a hundred percent citrus aroma, accompanied by a lot of freshness and sweet elements such as vanilla.

At the same time, this perfume must provide moderate longevity and an always soft trail. Its scent is also made for the summer and will be an ideal perfume to use at home and work.

4. Roger & Gallet The Verte

You cannot give up a perfume like The Verte without first using it because it has intense cold and fresh emotions.

Its aroma is within the Citrus Woody olfactory family for Women and will make you feel in the clouds.

The Verte by Roger & Gallet

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This perfume can be defined as one with citric airs with freshness, but the element of green spices cannot be missing in a perfume where notes of tea, yuzu, mandarin, and grapefruit are contained, to which we must add that it is a perfume for summer days.

The Verte also has elements embedded into its durability because of its longevity, but its wake is slow and moderate.

5. Roger & Gallet Jean-Marie Farina

To mention Jean-Marie Farina is to do it with one of the great inspirations of Roger & Gallet, and the perfume that you have before you makes it clear it is, therefore, one that is within the Citrus Aromatic olfactory family for Women and that It was launched in 1806.

Jean-Marie Farina by Roger & Gallet

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With such an ancient history, it should not be forgotten that this perfume does not neglect its citrus roots, which are well accompanied by warm chords and wood, something unusual these days but so normal centuries ago.

Among its enormous number of notes, it is necessary to separate the most impressive ones, such as lemon, orange, mandarin, rose, and cedar.

These are the ones that get all this strong potion of natural and very dry aromas that will come perfect in winter and have long-lasting longevity and a very heavy trail.

6. Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier

With Francis Kurkdjian as its perfumer, the Fleur de Figuier is a perfume that was launched in 2013, and that is within the Aromatic Fruity olfactory family for Women.

Fleur de Figuier by Roger & Gallet

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The scent of this perfume is decidedly thrown towards the accords of fruit, freshness, musk, and, above all, its beloved citrus.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to imagine that your most important notes are those of mandarin, grapefruit, cedar, and fig leaves.

It is worth noting that all of these are accompanied by moderate longevity and a similar trail. A perfume like this is made for the fall, and all its comfort will be very formal.

7. Roger & Gallet Extrait de Cologne Neroli Facetie

Very direct as Roger & Gallet aromas usually are, comes the Extrait de Cologne Néroli Facétie,  a perfume linked to the Citrus for Women olfactory family and launched in 2017.

Extrait de Cologne Neroli Facetie de Roger & Gallet

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What stands out most about this perfume is that it is very fresh and comfortable for your skin, in addition to being excellent in summer so that you can clear all the heat with its natural chords where citrus fruits and chords stand out.

It has inside notes of orange flowers and the neroli, its most prominent message. It also has moderate longevity and a heavy scent.

8. Roger & Gallet Shiso

With the Floral Green olfactory family for Women launched in 2012 comes the Shiso, a tremendous aroma that unites everything that refers to the brand and citrus, spice, fresh, and rose accords.

Shiso by Roger & Gallet

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This is due to its notes of orange, sandalwood, and peony to make you feel good, especially in spring, and counting on long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail. The Shiso also stands out for giving you relaxing air throughout its constant use.

Final Considerations

The citrus is what defines the 8 Best Roger & Gallet Perfume for Women that does not leave behind their intense freshness, so you should use them as soon as possible.

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