7 Best Neroli Perfumes For Women

Best Neroli Women Perfumes

In the seven best Neroli perfumes for women, we can be sure that whichever you choose will be the right one for you, a strong woman, and that her character dominates everything because perfumes like these are not given twice in life.

Top 7 Neroli Perfumes for Her

The character of a woman is forged from various elements around her, where the elements of nature such as flowers and fruits play a fundamental role, even inspiration; it is impressive how Neroli has become one of the most remarkable since it was discovered many, many years ago.

More specifically, by 1680, it was being used in high society in Italy, especially since Neroli is a flower that must be considered because it is a powerful source of bitterness. Still, of many personalities, it is not uncommon to find that many women today continue to take these aromas to another level.

1. Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

Very few perfumes have to offer such an immediate seductive power as that of Just Cavalli, Roberto Cavalli’s star scent with Neroli, which was launched in 2013. The work of Fabrice Pellegrin and Nathalie Lorson is a strong perfume with flowers and wood alike. Therefore, it belongs to the Floral for Women olfactory family.

Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

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We find a minimal number of notes in the base of this perfume; of course, the top notes are composed of Neroli, those of the heart by the Tahitian Tiare flower, while the base ones are designed in the shape of rosewood. It is simple in a certain way and captivating because, with little, it can do a lot, a hallmark of identity always present in Roberto Cavalli.

But let’s not be so simplistic because this perfume will make you feel like a coveted lady from the beginning with a delicate floral scent that, with the product of lasting longevity minutes, will be present with an increasingly woody and sweet air, a union rarely. Used and has a very heavy wake.

Thanks to the fact that it has some citrus, it can also boast of being a fun and lively perfume, especially if you want to give colour to winter days, which is the most necessary time to use its aroma as strong as the seduction it provides.

2. Very Sexy Sea by Victoria’s Secret

Another light perfume that has a scale more oriented towards the sexy and unbridled is Very Sexy Sea, a perfume that Victoria’s Secret launched in 2020 and that is very modern for the year of its launch. A perfume like this had to stand out from the beginning, and for this, it was organized within the Floral for Women olfactory family.

Very Sexy Sea by Victoria's Secret

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It is a citrus perfume with wood and many spices, but we go part by part. Among its top notes, we can count on bergamot, while the heart is Neroli and the base is cedar; this explains the first aromas we mentioned at the beginning of the count.

Its softer and lighter show this because its aroma starts as very spicy, fresh, and aromatic, and it is essential to use primarily in summer. At the same time, it combines perfectly with the hottest season of the year due to its tendency to show its citrus side at all levels of its moderate longevity.

Belonging to a family with many flowers, she does not miss this for a second, and this is where her tendency to be floral and very delicate in aroma becomes evident; these last choices are the ones that appeal to the most delicate girls, but the ones that they prefer to feel comfortable with mild longevity.

3. Neroli by Annick Goutal

Although released in the current millennium, Neroli Annick Goutal’s perfume with older data within aromas with Neroli for women is already in 2003. It has a certain retro air that falls to the coldest woman. In the work of Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen, this aroma is designed and structured within the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women.

Neroli by Annick Goutal

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In the same bottle, you will love its aroma, whicheroli, flowers, orange blossom, and petitgrain. This is understood above all by offering citrus aromas that are also spicy, natural in general lines, and without annoying additions that have nothing to do with Neroli and its companions.

This very natural essence makes the perfume the most equivalent for spring. But let’s understand that you have great aromatic chords at your disposal, those that shine with their light and that go hand in hand with moderate longevity and a cumbersome trail.

Let’s add that the Neroli by Annick Goutal has an elegant presence that will allow you to use this perfume in the best moments of your life and in celebrations that have much to do with the highest spheres of the world.

4. Breathless by Victoria’s Secret

Another of the 2003 perfumes that surprised by giving priority to Neroli is Breathless by Victoria’s Secret, a perfume born from the hand of Annie Buzantian. She was the one who chose to design a bouquet within the Floral for Women olfactory family and, at the same time, had Neroli among her best companions.

Victoria's Secret Breathless

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Notes of Neroli, mandarin, and sandalwood speak for themselves; from the beginning, be prepared to collide with a strong citrus current that is expanded more than any other perfume because it comes with moderate longevity and a heavy trail. This will equalize the balance because the mandarin, well present throughout the course, used to disappear quickly in other aromas.

But it is more than that; it also has delicate and well-delineated flowers, a product made based on Neroli but does not lose freshness, always having a pleasant essence in all its splendour. In any case, this perfume offers a very powdery and feminine scent. It could not be otherwise in the case of Victoria’s Secret.

Finally, this perfume has no other time between the eyebrow and eyebrow other than summer, and that is preconceived from the beginning by the mixture of Neroli and mandarin that does nothing more than outline its aroma for these tropical channels. This taste does not mean you can escape in any way.

5. Fuel For Life She Summer by Diesel

A perfume that any woman wants to have inside her wardrobe is the Fuel For Life She Summer by Diesel because it must be considered that it belongs to the Floral for Women olfactory family. Secondly, it has airs already passed, but some that are more than trend these days.

Fuel For Life She Summer by Diesel

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It can be defined as a casual perfume, which has a maximum orientation to its notes of Neroli, bergamot, and jasmine; that is precisely where all the feminine and energetic aroma that it has resided, and for all this will be more than the vibrant aroma, for the fall season.

On the other hand, Fuel For Life She Summer will immerse you in very citrus aromas with enough presence because it has a heavy trail that will make you the protagonist. In addition, this perfume with floral scents on the current market is included; these are relatively modern but are essentially the same as they have always been.

The spicy freshness is quite present, and if you like it, then the whole environment it creates will be excellent and long-lasting. Finally, fresh touches are those that accompany the perfume that we have just analyzed. Therefore, it is one of the most reliable that we can recommend among the best scents with Neroli for women.

6. Nina Rose Garden by Nina Ricci

Many novelties are contained in Nina Ricci’s Nina Rose Garden, an aroma that is increasingly closer to the smells of the future but with the simplicity of the past.

The aroma that belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women is blessed by fun and by the great metropolises of the entire planet. This modern and direct touch is the work of Olivier Cresp.

Nina Rose Garden by Nina Ricci

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It differs from many of the Neroli fragrances for women because it has many more notes. We see this outlined in some top notes of grass and pear, heart notes of Neroli and orange blossom, and base notes of vanilla and white musk. In short, it is a perfume with everything from different angles that only a woman of temperance knows how to enjoy.

Your skin will adapt to citrus and fresh aroma, the work of all the fruits and spices so abundant in lightness that it includes inside. Although not everything dances in this melody since, in reality, its aroma goes more towards the sides of the sweet and the fruits, that is why it feels like the perfume is a great picnic.

It is designed for spring by the colossal set of fragrances that the Nina Rose Garden has. It is also made with long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail to finish off with its vanilla air and some soapy aroma.

7. Essence No.7 Neroli by Elie Saab

The lightness in love makes Essence No.7 Neroli a perfume highly desired by young girls who already want a life without so many ties. 

It was Elie Saab’s big bet for 2015, and they put their hands on Francis Kurkdjian for this perfume to take immediate effect. It is, by the way, within the Floral for Women olfactory family.

Essence No.7 Neroli by Elie Saab

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Let’s go immediately into the review for its notes, which, on the one hand, has Neroli, musk, orange blossom, cloves, and white cedar extract. What a mixture as potent as it is subtle for the hormones of the girls who do not go beyond twenty. But it is more than a simple energy binge. It plays its cards well with an aroma marked in its beginnings by a white floral scent inspired by elegant encounters.

In the background, it has a good amount of citrus and fresh, ideal for the summer. Also, this time is similar because it has moderate longevity and more than a soft trail. However, it is not a perfume that goes unnoticed if it contains wood and spice extracts that are fundamentally strong and large.

An aroma like this, with pleasant air and delicacy, is the best that today’s girls can show off with their best friends when they go out. If you are one of them, write it down in your agenda for buying perfumes.


If, for something, the perfumes with Neroli for women have stood out, it is because they have had a lot of presence from the first moment without paying attention to other factors. However, over the years, they have been perfected so that their level has risen to the pair of different nondifferent-lived aromas.

The 7 Best Neroli Perfume for her are what you need in all your rooms and bathrooms so that you do not separate yourself from your youth but always give you your essential place in life.

If you like to have long-lasting perfumes with spices and citrus, then you will not hesitate to try our preferred and recommended stock for you.

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