Best Space Movies in 2020

Top 10 Best Space Movies to Watch

There is never a shortage of novelties for fans of science fiction films. There are many feature films set in space, and here is a selection of the 10 most incredible and Best Space movies.

While waiting for the realization of the first film, which will be shot in space, a little detour on the works of science fiction featuring astronauts defying weightlessness would not be bad. 

Best Space Movies of All Time

To find out what makes these films so special and fascinating, take a look at the descriptions that follow.

1. Interstellar

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Let’s start the list of Best Space Movies with Interstellar. The blue planet is no longer long in becoming hostile to life due to famine and wars. Plants succumb to the disease.

Animals are dying because of starvation. The world political situation is turned upside down. The hope of humans remains in the hands of astronauts.

Produced by Christopher Nolan in 2014 in Los Angeles, Interstellar is a story rich in adventurous and tragic events. It features a team of space explorers in search of another habitable planet to escape the doom of the Earth.

2. Alien: The 8th Passenger

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Who wouldn’t love to watch Alien: The 8th Passenger? Despite mixed opinions, this horrific sci-fi film excites curiosity with a disturbing plot full of surprises. 

The story revolves around a deadly battle between the crew of a spaceship and a strange and dangerous life form.

Wanting to get the limbs out of the device, the creature seeks to kill them. The capture of the Alien continues in a fatal struggle until only Ripley and Jones, the cat, remain. 

Do the two survivors make it back to land at the end? There is only one way to find out.

3. A Space Odyssey 2001

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Nothing fascinating than a well-conceived film, the production of which respects the rules of the art. Outside of the plot, 2001: A Space Odyssey captivates audiences with a narrative that leaves little room for words. 

Scientific details, innovative special effects, ambiguous sets, and musical compositions add to the scenario to immerse the audience in the curious atmosphere of the story.

From the dawn of humanity to Jupiter and beyond infinity, the film focuses on the evolution of man through the intervention of an unknown intelligence. 

The progression of events leads us to discover that this evolution would be the magical work of a black monolith of parallelepiped shape.

Thanks to this enormous block of stone, humans can now live and move beyond the earth’s atmosphere, according to Kubrick’s hypothesis.

4. Gravity

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Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity stuns audiences with seven Oscars, including Best Director in 2014.

This great success could be explained not only by the way the film was directed but also by the story itself. The story features a team of astronauts sent to perform maintenance on the Hubble e Space  Telescope.

However, after the destruction of a Russian satellite by a missile, a cloud of space debris wreaks havoc on any object flying in space. Finding themselves threatened the Explorer crew attempt to dodge the danger in a thousand and one ways.

5. The Empire Strikes Back

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Many science fiction films are about the adventures of earthlings in space. However, the Empire against the attack of Irvin Kershner seems to be different. 

Setting the whole story beyond land borders, the film features two protagonists still in conflict because of different interests.

The two rivals, including the Jedi Knights and the Dark Lords of the Sith, have psychic powers. However, if the former use it to ensure peace in the galaxy, the latter use it to impose their domination. 

To put an end to the clashes, a galactic republic is born with the planet Coruscant as its capital. However, the situation is only getting worse: citizens separate, and wars break out.

This political failure led to the establishment of a totalitarian and segregationist galactic empire. Once again, this only leads to disorder over time. We then wonder how the emperor will restore the situation.

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6. First Man on the Moon 

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Setting foot on the moon is a challenge that humanity has been giving to itself for decades. 

History shows that some countries got there like the United States in July 1969 with the character of Neil Armstrong.

No doubt wanting to revive the memory of this event for the current generation, Damien Chazelle made a biographical film with the collaboration of Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, and Kyle Chandler. 

They gave him the title of First Man: The First Man on the Moon or  The First Man. This is probably to relate the biography of Neil Armstrong as possible accurately.

7. Wall-E 

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At the 7th position of Best Space Movies to watch, we got the animated movie Wall-E. It is often said that the future is a mystery, but sometimes some see further than others.

With his film entitled Wall-E, the American filmmaker Andrew Stanton presents the future through the story of a cubic-shaped robot created with a multitude of robots similar to him to rid the earth of its rubbish. Over time, the protagonist retrogrades in the accomplishment of his mission.

This change is said to be explained by his love for another robot of a completely different kind, called EVE. Wall-E then leaves Earth to go with her into space. This departure will soon impact the future of humanity.

8. Star Trek

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Faced with the moral decline of today’s society and its limits, everyone undoubtedly dreams of living in a better world. 

It is probably for this reason that Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek to allow viewers to experience their fantasy. 

This science fiction film indeed projects viewers into an ideal universe where humanity lives in peace thanks to the help of aliens and science.

The once imperfect and vulnerable man now knows harmony, freedom, and joy. Curious by nature and always dissatisfied, he continues to venture into the quest for other universes and new cultures.

9. Starship Troopers or Space Patrollers  

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Man’s ambition knows no bounds. Far from being satisfied with planet Earth, he dreams of the possibility of extraterrestrial life. 

In his film entitled Starship Troopers or  The Space Patrollers, Paul Verhoeven portrays this disproportionate human desire.

In the distant future, all the nations of the world form a single government. This Federation decides to extend land borders in space and to rub shoulders with other cultures and progress that are still new for humanity.

One of the extraterrestrial species, including the Arachnids, declares war on the earthlings. This is where the suspense begins: who will win?

10. Guardians of the Galaxy

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Ending the list of Best Space Movies with one of the top-rated movies Guardians of the Galaxy. The film James Gunn tells the story of a young hero named Peter Jason Quill.

After losing his mother to cancer in 1988, he was abducted by a spaceship. He works with Ravagers 26 years later to seize an orb that contains stones with destructive power.

Ronan swears to Thanos to seek this globe for him on one condition: annihilate Xandar to avenge the Kree people due to the wars between the Nova Empire and the latest.

Struggles are nevertheless resolved by the signing of a peace treaty. To this end, he sends Gamora to grab the object. However, the young woman becomes the hero’s ally.

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