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Top 7 Best Family Web Series to Watch with Family in 2022

Top 7 Best Family Web Series that can be Viewed with the Whole Family

Even if the movies pass through the censor board, they get to know from their certificates which films are worth watching with the family and which are not. But even the censor board does not work on web shows! The OTT platforms are brutally abusive, violence, and adult scenes and we are not against it at all because we know that on most occasions this story is demanded. Here below we have enlisted top 7 Best Family web series that can be viewed with the whole family

But during this lockdown, after spending time with family members, it was found that there is nothing to enjoy with family members. If you cannot go out, then the last option was TV, the Internet, and movies. A little research has found many such shows which can be seen with the whole family without any fear or hesitation.


List of Top 7 Best Family web series


  1. Jury

Streaming on Amazon Prime, the star cast of this show is extremely amazing, including Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav, and Jeetendra Kumar. This is a comedy-drama which depicts the story of a boy in which an engineering graduate takes a job as a secretary in a panchayat office in a rugged village in Uttar Pradesh, because of not getting a good and big job.

The job that he has come to do only as a time pass, how he is able to perform the responsibilities of the same job by being forced by circumstances, is the story of his Panchayat. Not only this, during this time, how he gets an unwanted relationship with the villagers and becomes a part of their family, he is also shown very beautifully.


2. This is my family

These web series on TVF Play, Netflix, and YouTube touch your heart in a different way. Seeing this, you will feel that the story of your family is going on the screen. It has a lot of nostalgia and memories for the 90s kids as the show is based on the 90s. The show featured a family with parents and 3 children.

From the point of view of the middle child, this entire show has been shown. From summer vacations to tuition teacher scolding and sharing your grief with best friends to going out with family, the show has countless moments that will remind you of your childhood.


3. Home

This show will leave moisture in your eyes and lots of emotions in your heart. Streaming on Alt Balaji, the show tells the story of a family and their neighbors who are protesting against the demolition of their house by the local administration.

There are many such moments in the show when one member of the family breaks in front of the situation but the other manages to support him. The show has a great cast including Annu Kapoor, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Amol Parashar, Parikshit Sahni.


4. What the fox

The show has three seasons but the first and second seasons are more entertaining than the third season. This is also because in the first two seasons, viewers get to see the characters for the first time. This story is about an urban, successful married couple and their relationship with their in-laws. In the first season, where the show’s lead actor Veer Rajwant Singh spends time with his in-laws without his wife, in the second season, it is the turn of Isha Chopra to spend time with her in-laws, ie Veer’s parents.

In this show, the relationship is shown in a very modern but positive way, how the two generations try to understand each other, adjust a little, and appreciate each other’s feelings. You can watch all three seasons of this show on YouTube.


5. Piggy Bank

If you are looking for a show that can make you laugh and leave your face laughing for a long time, there cannot be a better show than Gullak for you. This will not only take you on a beautiful journey of your childhood and memories related to it but will make you embrace your family members. The show depicts the small things of the middle-class family very beautifully. You can watch this show on Sony Live.


6. The great Indian dysfunctional family

No one can deny that no family is perfect. There are some shortcomings in every family, there are some members who are not liked by everyone or those who live in themselves and are not close to anyone. The story of a family with such flaws is ‘The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family’. By watching the show, you will realize that such confusions and difficulties occur in everyone’s family. Alt Balaji’s show features KK Menon, Barun Sobti, Isha Chopra, Swaroop Sampat, and Sriswara in the lead roles.


7. The common man family

While the films still do not show the middle-class family properly, in this case, the web shows are very accurate. Another example of a similar description of the middle class is ‘The Aam Admi Family’. As the name of the show itself shows, it is the story of a common family, which shows their everyday struggles, small joys, and big shakes on the screen beautifully. You can watch this show on YouTube.

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