10 Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

Default SMS applications are generally not very useful. These Best Text Messaging Apps for Android smartphones can give you extra features.

Many messaging platforms are available today—WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. But the only messaging platform that still works on every phone is SMS.

Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

In this article, you can find an excellent alternative to the Android messaging app that comes with your phone. Here is the list of 10 Best Text Messaging Apps for Android.

1. Android Messages

The best text messaging app is built-in on many users’ phones. Android Messages is Google’s SMS app and comes pre-installed on Pixel devices and other phones.

Messages are Google’s official application for text messages (SMS, MMS) and chat (RCS). Messaging with anyone, from anywhere, with reliable text messaging and rich chat features.

Stay in touch with your friends and family, send them group text messages, and share your favorite pictures, GIFs, emojis, stickers, videos, and voicemails.

2. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is an old classic and still one of the best messaging apps. The application was developed with every new Android version to stay current.

Some of the best features include a quick reply popup, SMS blocking, and themes. Chomp SMS is free, with a few optional in-app purchases.

It also offers unlimited personalization options when receiving messages: change notification LED colors, ringtones, and vibration patterns.

In Chomp, you can customize the screen color, font style, text size, and background wallpaper.

3. Facebook Messenger

Many people no longer use Facebook, but it offers one of the best messaging apps. Facebook Messenger has an online messaging system with built-in SMS.

This means that you can have all your conversations in one application. If you are not a member of Facebook, you cannot use this application. But Facebook users need to give it a chance.

4. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is a text messaging app almost as old as Android. Starting in 2010, Handcent has become a pioneer and one of the best user-oriented SMS apps.

Making the user experience pleasant and comfortable has evolved over the years. One of the useful features is the so-called “Handcent Anywhere” that allows you to send text messages from your computer.

5. Mood Messenger – SMS and MMS

Mood Messenger is one of the newest apps on the list. It has few features, but its simplicity is one of its best.

Mood Messenger keeps things simple while still providing the essential features you want. Mood Messenger users can send messages to each other without using SMS.

This app will completely change the way you communicate. Simple, effective, and fast, this app will replace your default SMS app and offer unique features and content. The app is completely free with in-app purchases.

6. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is a great choice if you’re looking for a text messaging app that will work on almost any platform (including PC).

An SMS application that is fast, secure, and full of all the features and customizations you want. This app also has a speech backup tool and can block specific numbers.

Pulse redesigns your communication by allowing you to synchronize your SMS and MMS messages, available on all your devices.

Send and receive text and pictures seamlessly from your computer, tablet, watch, car, or any device with an internet connection—all through your phone number.


QKSMS is one of the best SMS apps on the list. As the name suggests, this app is all about speed. Light and very fast. You can enter and exit chats without clicking. This app is also open source and completely free.

Use one of the millions of colors to theme the whole app or specific speech. Personalized notifications allow you to prioritize and distinguish your messages easily. There is also a manual or automatic night mode.

Easily back up and restore your messages without having to install another app. Easily block conversations and manage your blocklist.

Reply to your messages using the Wear OS (Android Wear) watch or directly from notifications (Android 7.0+) with the QK Reply popup window.

8. Textra SMS

Want a beautiful, super-fast, and highly customizable alternative to your built-in Android messaging app? It is a very popular SMS application for this.

This app is full of customization options. Everything in the background, including notifications, contacts, emojis, and chat bubbles, can be fully customized.


YAATA SMS is a new application in the world of messaging. Some features that make it privileged are timed messaging, automatic replies, speech backups, and blocklists.

The material design looks great, and the application is easy to use. Some of the features require in-app purchases, but mostly, this is a great free SMS app.

10. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is a messaging app like Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. The difference is this end-to-end encryption feature and a favorite of many people who value security.

It also works with a phone number and sends a text message if the other person you’re messaging does not have this app.

This feature makes the application flawless. It is simple to use, looks great with Material Design, and is free to use without in-app purchases. It is also open-source, supports group chats, and even makes phone calls.

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