7 Best TikTok Alternative Apps for iOS and Android

best tiktok alternative in 2020

Video social networks are attracting many teens every day now. People want to show the world their talent as an actor, choreographers, dance, songs, sports, etc. Such apps like Tik Tok help them uniquely express their feelings. Here are the Best TikTok Alternative Apps to use for free for iOS and Android. These alternative video creation apps to Tik Tok allow you to record videos from the main camera as well as the selfie camera. After that, you can edit your video with great filters, cool effects, amazing stickers, and other add-ons to make it great.

It used to be difficult to edit the videos we were shooting. There were no good video editing applications to edit our videos. When Dubsmash first hit the market, it became so popular among people to sync movie dialogues. But at that time, the Dubsmash application did not allow editing videos with filters, effects, stickers, etc. So people ran to a new app called Musically.

Musically (Tik Tok) covered the excellent video editing functions and lip-syncing of popular songs. People loved these concepts, and the music app went viral in no time. Later, the Chinese company ByteDance acquired it, and they musically merged with Tik Tok.


7 Best TikTok Alternative Apps For Android & iOS


  1. Dubsmash

Dubsmash came to the lip-sync video market; first, we have to put it in first place. At an earlier stage, all you can do is lip-synchronize popular dialogues from movies and TV shows. But it is completely updated. Now you can add music, quotes, or sounds to your video.

The Dubsmash app has the largest library of sounds in the world, including new movie quotes, the best TV quotes, fun musical sounds, and more. You can even add your sounds. They also run different challenges like Mannequin Challenge and JuJu on That Beat. To make your dub more attractive, you can edit it with cool text and stickers. So, are you excited about downloading this lip-sync app? So install it on your Android or iOS device now.


  1. Like

LIKE is another popular application that can be used as an alternative to Tik Tok. The app provides trendy lip-sync music videos, video statuses, dance performances, entertaining shows, and much more.

The app provides video editing tools with over 300 unique magic effects and a good collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, and European pop music clips. It also offers music, movies, and dramatic dialogues from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood.

Just like Tik Tok, you can make friends near you and play duets with talented people from around the world. You can record and edit videos with face emoji stickers, a variety of filters, magical filter musicals, magical graffiti touching, 4D magic superpowers AI, etc.

Even though LIKE is an alternative to Tik Tok (Musically), it offers the possibility of sharing your videos directly on Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media sites. Try LIKE.


  1. Vigo video

Vigo Video is a short video creation application where you can make short and fun videos easily. You can show your singing talent, dance, comedy, cooking, art, art, beauty, etc. to the world in just 15 seconds. It’s cool!

You can add special effects and animated stickers to make your video more eye-catching. They have a real-time beautification camera that can magically smoothen your skin, even skin tones, remove blemishes, and enlarge your eye while recording.

You can even do live streaming for your followers. You can meet people who have similar interests in your area or around the world. Collaborate with the people you love and increase the number of your followers. They promote your video to the right people so you can have more reach. L

the best part is that they give you flames if your video gets enough views, likes, and comments. You can convert these flames to real money and convert them to your bank account. Yes, it’s true. You can make money by simply making and posting videos on Vigo Video.


  1. Kwai

Kwai is one of the best video social networks. Here you can win millions of fans around the world, and you can get rewards and cash income. With Kwai, you can edit videos with 4D motion effects, animated filters, dynamic stickers, different text fonts, etc.

It has video editing tools such as cut, cut, crop, merge, stitches, and stitch images. You can lip-sync your favorite movie scenes, songs, and dramas. You can add popular music and the latest music to create an awesome music video.

Watch trendy videos, comedy and prank videos, lip-sync and dubs, fashion and beauty, singing, dancing, magic, and more on your video feed personalized. They regularly organize fun challenges, dance battles, and special events. You can share Kwai stories that can last 48 hours. Just like other apps, you can collaborate with other people and build your network. So, start creating short videos with Kwai on iOS and Android smartphones.


  1. Funimate

Funimate is used to make music video clips, lip-sync videos, slow-motion videos, and much more. They have over 20 cool Tik Tok video effects, hundreds of emojis, fun stickers, and texts, to edit your videos.

This alternative application to Tik Tok also offers the possibility of merging, cutting, cutting, and editing videos. You can collaborate with your friends on Funimate video maker. They give daily challenges in the application. So you can show off your talent by completing challenges to be featured on Funimate. This will increase your followers and your popularity.


  1. Trill

Like Tik Tok, Triller is used to create awesome videos, shoot great movies, make world-class music videos, and collaborate with friends to make videos in seconds.

You can easily create professional music videos using their unique automatic editing algorithm. If you want to post a story on Instagram or Whatsapp with a song, theater, or dance with a unique style, then Triller will help you. You can adjust, crop, trim, and edit videos with effects, filters, drawings, texts, and emojis to make the video more beautiful.

Create group videos by collaborating with your friends. Like, comment, follow, and chat with talented people around the world. Millions of people have made videos with this Tik Tok alternative app, including celebrities like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, Kevin Hart, and more. So what are you waiting for? Create your music videos with Triller.


  1. Lomotif

Lomotif is one of the best video clip editors for iOS users. They also launched the Android version, and it is slowly gaining popularity. With the motor, you can add music, attach video clips, add photos, paste/edit, and much more.

The Lomotif allows you to crop, cut, cut, duplicate, zoom out, etc. with its integrated video editor. You can add titles and text overlays to your videos. You can join the music community to get trendy videos, and just like Tik Tok, you can collaborate with friends and other cool things. To make videos on special occasions, you can easily find songs for ” Best Friend, “Birthday, “Romance, “etc.

After creating the video on Lomotif, you can share it with one click on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Messenger, and other social sites or chat applications. Install Lomotif Music Video Editor now.



We have seen the Top 7 Best TikTok alternatives in India for Android and iOS above. So if you are tired of using TikTok (Musically), then these apps are similar to Tik Tok. Even some of them have very good features better than TikTok, while some of the video social networks give cash prizes.

So you can make money like you make money on YouTube. All of these apps are like Tik Tok and are good. You can, therefore, download them according to your needs. If you use other apps like TikTok, comment on them below. Share these Best TikTok alternatives with your friends to make great videos with them.



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