Top 7 Best Vampire Series to Watch

7 Best Vampire Series to Watch

7 Best Series Based on Vampires You Need to Watch

Vampires are often presented as evil and mythical creatures. Literature and cinema convey this image from generation to generation. Year after year, American directors conclude the top 7 best vampire movies and series of all time.


  • Vampire Diaries
  • The Originals
  • V Wars
  • Moonlight
  • True Blood
  • The Gates
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer


1. Vampire Diaries

On its release, Vampire Diaries conquered a good number of viewers and is considered as the all-time best Vampire TV Show. The film stars Elena Gilbert. This 17-year-old heroine resides in the enigmatic city of Mystic Falls in Virginia.

After the death of her parents, she takes refuge in her diary to overcome her depression. Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes, two great friends, help her find the joy of living. However, she is completely surprised when she learns that they are in fact, vampires.


2. The Originals

Scary, yet interesting, The Originals features the first vampires that were created on Earth. This series focuses on the wish of the Mikaelson family: to watch over one another forever and ever.

Niklaus Mikaelson, being half-vampire half-wolf, returns to New Orleans with the objective of taking his throne back from Marcel, one of his former charges. He governs the city he built in his absence. The tragedies striking this family follow one another and worsen over the episodes.


3. V Wars

Dread and compassion inevitably grab your heart when watching V Wars. This science-fiction television series portrays humanity doomed to a fate as sad as it is tragic. In fact, a virus that has existed for thousands of years is being released by the melting of the polar ice due to climate change.

Genetic modification then occurs in certain human beings and gives them the nature of a vampire. But will the remaining humans be able to resist this type of unprecedented predator?


4. Moonlight

We don’t always choose to become what we are. Such is the case of Mick St John from the American television series Moonlight. The 85-year-old private detective had the misfortune of marrying Coraline in his youth. This vampire woman shared her cursed spell with her during their honeymoon.

However, he fell under the spell of a real human later. It is a journalist by the name of Bess Turner of whom he was the rescuer. His challenge, therefore, consists in combining his life as a vampire and his presence in the human world.


5. True Blood

It is safer not to get carried away in a romantic affair before you get to know the other well. However, in the True Blood series, Sookie Stackhouse does the exact opposite. This young waitress with the gift of telepathy fell blindly in love with a vampire named Bill Compton.

This relationship will bring the heroine into a universe of fantastic creatures and fights that are beyond human comprehension. In this world, it arouses everyone’s curiosity. This love between two beings of different natures goes as far as the adoption of cohabitation between humans and vampires on the surface of the Earth.


6. The Gates

Life is always full of surprises. If we knew what was going to happen, the word “victim” would not have existed. This is precisely what constitutes the interest of The Gates. The series revolves around a Chicago police officer named Nick Monohan.

Honored to be assigned the mission of Chief of Police in the outskirts of The Gates, he finds himself trapped in the midst of a population of disguised monsters. He thus tries to impose discipline in the company and to shelter his family, but will he succeed?


7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

No society seems to be spared from the works of evil. In the American television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the heroine fights against supernatural enemies. Buffy Summers is a vampire stalker. To carry out its mission, it received the supervision of Rupert Giles, its Observer.

In this battle, Willow Rosenberg and Alexander Harris help the protagonist prevent a great ancestral vampire from gaining access to Hellmouth. The opening of this one would cause the misfortune of the whole city because of the evil beings which are there.



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