9 Best Series Taking Place in Space

Top 9 Best Series Taking Place in Space

9 Space-Based TV Series You Need to Watch Right Now

The works that take place in space are particularly popular. In addition, a good number of producers stand out for the success of their series. During the lockdown or on vacations, many were bored, especially when the cinemas had to close. In this case, we present the 9 best space-based Science fiction TV series which were appreciated by fans.


1. Lost in space

This Si-Fi TV series was released in April 2018 and features a family that was chosen by their government to conquer a colony in space. The Robinsons left without realizing that they might never come back. As the mission progresses, little Will, played by Max Jenkins, becomes familiar with an alien, while his family sticks together to find a way out.


2. Dark Matter

Dark Matter is the work of Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. The cast consists of Roger R. Cross, Jodelle Ferland, Alex Mallari Jr., and Zoie Palmer, among others. As for the story, it tells the story of life aboard a forgotten floating vehicle, through the adventures of the crew.

While the six employees of the vessel have no recollection of the trip, military weapons were found in the craft. This discovery arouses their curiosity and they will do everything to remember their identity and their mission.


3. The Orville

It tells a story that takes place in the future with 12 episodes. At this time, the Earth is part of a planetary union. Captain Mercer’s crew performs a mission that is the essence of the series, aboard the mid-class exploration vessel known as the USS.


4. Star Trek: Picard

Released on January 23, 2020, this series is marked by a futuristic decor of the year 2385. It chronicles a new adventure of Admiral Picard in a mission consisting of rehousing the Romulans long before the destruction of Romulus. The transfer is then suspended due to an incident on Mars.


5. The Expanse

It is an original production by Dennis Quaid. In this series, three personalities work together to find Julie Mao, a legitimate heiress who has disappeared. The detective, the officer, and the head of the United Nations will know later that it is a conspiracy to destroy humans. The main role is dedicated to Steven Strait.


6. Battlestar Galactica

This cult series was released in October 2004. The story tells of the adventure of the last military spacecraft during the disputes between humans and Cylons. The human race is attacked by these humanoids, who are nevertheless their own creations. The damage was terrible with billions of human losses. Following this event, Commander Adama and President Roslin set off aboard the vessel in question to travel to Earth.


7. The 100

During the third world war, the Earth is destroyed by nuclear bombardments. 318 survivors took refuge aboard spaceships that allowed them to survive for 97 years.  The leaders of the craft discover that the Ark, which serves as their main station, can no longer meet the needs of travelers. To remedy this, the commander drives out 100 delinquents from the Ark. Those who are selected go to their old planet to check if there is a possibility of returning there.


8. Another Life

Released in 2019, it is a series that stages the adventures of cosmonaut Niko and his crew. They are investigating an alien artifact. It is a very dangerous mission that exposes them to a series of thorny situations.


9. Doctor who

Produced in March 2005, this drama series is the work of Russel T. Davies. It tells of the adventures of a man nicknamed “The Doctor  ” who has taken a journey through time. He travels the entire galaxy aboard the Tardis. Doctor Who has 12 seasons of which season 4 is the most popular with viewers. The main roles are given to Ben Miller, Jodie Whittaker, Peter Capaldi, and Matt Lucas.



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