Difference Between Free and Paid Website

Difference Between Free and Paid Website

What is the Difference Between Free and Paid Website

When creating a website we came across two alternatives: places that offer you to create your website without paying a penny (as is the case with Blogger, Wix, or WordPress.com). Ever wonder what is the difference between free and paid websites and which one to choose? Here in this article, we will tell you about the features of paid and free websites.

In addition to the monetary difference, if you create a more professional site where you must pay for certain things, you have greater freedom over a large number of options where you would not have a free one.


Differences Between a free and a Paid Website

Next, I will tell you some of the main differences between each one.


Free website
  • You do not pay for hosting or domain.
  • Your domain always has the name of the site in its url (example: mysite.blogspot.com).
  • Some of the free services show ads on your website without you placing them (this is why they are free).
  • You do not have access to any of the options in the root of your website.
  • The ways in which you can modify the appearance of your site are scarce.
  • You cannot or find it very difficult to edit the SEO of your posts.
  • It is a bit difficult to put ads where you want them to appear.
  • Your site may not be very fast.
  • It takes longer to index your posts and site in general.


Paid website
  • The essential thing that you must pay for is hosting and a domain.
  • When buying a domain you can put the name you want and it will not have anything that you have not chosen.
  • Ads are only shown if you place them.
  • When paying for hosting you have access to a CPanel (where you have many functions) and to the root of your website.
  • There are many templates that you can download to modify the appearance of your website.
  • With add-ons or plugins, you can easily edit the SEO of your posts.
    In the same way, you can use plugins to make it easier for you to show ads wherever you want.
  • Your site can be fast (depending on the company and the hosting plan you hire; although usually with around 7 or 8 dollars a month you can find a very good one)
    Your site and posts are indexed faster.


How much do I have to pay to have a website?

That depends on how much you want, but the essential thing is to buy a domain that is not in use and that is cheap; In general, a domain should cost around 12 dollars, but you must add security if you do not want your data to be exposed, so the price is around 22 to 25 dollars, but do not worry that the payment of the domain is every anus.

On the other hand, we have the hosting, which is where all the data of your website will be stored and since you are just starting out you do not need anything exaggeratedly expensive, you can find a very good one for around 7 dollars, although this payment is made monthly.

Assuming that you pay a domain for $ 25 per year and hosting for $ 7 each month, per year you would pay a total of $ 109 which gives an average of no more than $ 9.10 each month. From what you can see, it is not very expensive to have a website and the advantages are many when you pay for these services.


Which one should I use Free or Paid Website?

If you ask me, my answer is to use the one that best suits your needs. If you only use it for leisure or as a hobby and you only want to have a website momentarily, I would recommend a free one, Blogger for example.

On the contrary, if you want to take it more seriously, in the long term and plan to get remuneration from it in the future then I highly recommend having a WordPress.org paid website for example (it is the one I have always used).


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