How to Choose the Right Roof Racks for your Car

How to Choose the Right Roof Racks for your Car

The roof bars are an essential accessory for carrying luggage or equipment on the roof of a car or a van. But the choice of roof racks is huge and not always easy to understand at first glance. Here are the criteria to take into account to choosing the right roof racks.

Universal or Specific Roof Bars?

There are two types of roof racks: standard and specific. In most cases, it is preferable to choose standard roof racks, which can be kept if you change vehicles. It is then very easy, from your car model, to determine which roof rack model is the most suitable.

Some sites such as Rameder even offer simulators for this purpose which allow, by entering the model and year of your car, to immediately know which roof racks you need. The other advantage of universal roof racks is their price, which is often much more affordable than specific roof racks.

How To Find Your Car’s Roof Type

Vehicle roofs differ depending on the make, model, and year of your used or new car. The most convenient configuration for installing roof bars is the roof with open longitudinal bars, which greatly facilitates the installation. The open longitudinal bars are quite easy to identify because they protrude high on the sides of the roof.

There are also roofs with closed longitudinal bars, which are flatter and less visible, roofs with fixing points (often 4), roofs with gutters, grooves, or roofs without fixing. For all roof configurations without a longitudinal bar, the feet of the roof bar are designed to be hooked into the doorway.

Are Roof Bars Made of Steel or Aluminum?

The choice of material depends on your budget and the use you plan to make for your roof racks. For low-cost, solid roof bars that are used on an ad hoc basis, it is recommended to use steel roof bars.

On the other hand, for frequent use, aluminum roof racks provide better user comfort because they are lighter and allow quieter driving. Significant advantage: their aerodynamics make it possible to avoid overconsumption of fuel in the long term.

Accessories for Roof Racks?

If you plan to load bikes on the roof of your car, be aware that they do not mount directly on the roof racks but on bike racks. The same goes for ski racks and canoe racks, which must be purchased separately from your roof racks.

Finally, the roof bars also make it possible to attach a roof box, very practical for family trips: with a large capacity, the roof boxes can indeed contain the luggage of the whole family, for more space and maximum comfort in the cabin.

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