How to Lock Your WhatsApp Chats and Hide Your Messages

How to Lock Your WhatsApp Chats and Hide Your Messages

WhatsApp, a wildly popular instant messaging application, has become the gold standard for online communication. Although Meta has been emphasizing security and privacy for some time, much must be done.

Specifically, if your phone frequently changes hands, there are undoubtedly WhatsApp messages you do not want others to access. You can now conceal them in clear sight. Chat Lock permits this.

How does WhatsApp Chat Lock work?

Mark Zuckerberg will announce the Chat secure feature in a blog post on May 16, 2023, and share it on Facebook. It will enable users to secure specific conversations. If a conversation seems private or sensitive, you can move it to a folder titled Locked Discussions. It is displayed at the head of pinned discussions. A password, facial recognition, or even a biometric will be required to access such a file.

The password is currently the same as the phone password. However, WhatsApp has announced that in the future months, it will be possible to secure this confidential folder with a distinct password. Which increases the secrecy of your conversations?

How to Hide WhatsApp Messages?

Remember that the feature is currently being implemented. It is not currently accessible to everyone. Therefore, you may not have access to it just yet.

How to Lock a WhatsApp Chat

  1. Update Your Application

  2. Launch the Conversation You Want to Hide or Lock

  3. Tap the Chat You Wish to Hide

  4. Scroll Down and Tap on the Lock Option

  5. Confirm Your Password or Fingerprint

  6. Chat is Moved to Locked Folder

Chat Lock is a security measure that should be enhanced in the future. Meta plans to enhance its application’s security capabilities shortly. This will allow the American company to correct the bugs in its Android application, including the continuous use of the microphone.

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