How to set and use Netflix Parental Controls

How to set and use Parental Controls on Netflix

How to set Netflix Parental Controls

Prevent children from viewing inappropriate content. Netflix, one of the biggest streaming platforms, is home to tons of content that is suitable for both kids and adults alike. With a plethora of series and movies, it’s relatively easy for kids to watch age-appropriate series. The streaming giant allows parents and guardians to create a separate profile with carefully curated content, especially for children under parental control from Netflix.


Setting up parental controls

Securing profiles can be done easily. All you need to do is open your Netflix app or log into your account on a web browser via

Once logged in, select your profile icon and click Account. Then scroll down to Profiles & Parental Controls. For each profile, you can adjust the viewing restrictions according to its age.

For added protection, you can add a PIN code to adult user profiles using the profile lock feature. This way, children (and other users) will not be able to access your account.


The Netflix experience for kids

For your child’s profile, you can choose the appropriate rating: 7+ and under, 13+ and under, 16+ and under, or 18+ which provides access to all maturity ratings.

You can activate the Children’s Profile experience by checking the ” Show Netflix Youth interface with titles reserved for children. “.

When the Netflix Kids experience is enabled, kids can enjoy a streamlined interface. You can also worry less because they won’t be able to change your account settings.


Limit specific titles

If you are very careful, you can restrict certain securities and ignore their maturity rating. You can do this in each profile, accessible via “Viewing restrictions”. Just type in the titles you want to block, and voila.


It all starts at home

Having Netflix parental controls is just the first step. As a millennial, I believe in open communication and regular conversation with our children.

Parents and guardians should always take the time to discuss the importance of the regulations we impose, why we limit access, and the concerns we have when exploring the internet on their own.

At the end of the day, it all starts at home between a parent or guardian and a child who comes to an agreement on how to safely enjoy technology.



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