Best Detective Series You Should Watch

Best Detective Series You Should Watch

5 Best Detective Series You Need to Watch Right Now

With storylines inspired by reality, this entertainment topic catches the attention of countless viewers. The events relating to the daily life of the police are evoked there, in particular the scenes of crime, the intrigues, the murders, and justice. Here below you can find the top 5 best Detective Series of all time.

1. Blacklist

NBC has experienced palpable success in making this series, a true combination of drama, action, and mystery. Blacklist invites viewers to follow the journey of Raymond Reddington, a former US Navy officer who becomes a notorious criminal. Being in possession of the blacklist, he is able to negotiate with the FBI.

Indeed, it is a document containing compromising information such as the names of dangerous and high-ranking people. In return for his contribution to the FBI’s mission, he is asking for immunity from prosecution. At the same time, he demands to cooperate only with new recruit Elizabeth Keen. The director unravels the mysteries surrounding these two protagonists as the story unfolds.


2. Blindspot

Blindspot, an original NBC series brings viewers together in a world filled with suspense. It tells the story of a woman tattooed all over her body. A tattoo that hides characters and designs of puzzles to locate the most difficult criminals to capture. Unaware of her past, she ventures alongside the FBI in order to decipher these codes. While trying to discover his origin there, the protagonist remembers his buried skills.


3. The Wire

The Wire is a series that appeals to lovers of dark themes. It emphasizes the pervasiveness of drug trafficking in the city. All sectors are invaded.  Street police, the town hall, the port, and even schools are not spared from the consequences of this situation.

A witness wanted to denounce this activity to the authorities. Unfortunately for him, his murder heralded the start of the unrest. To this end, a special elite unit made up of the best elements sets out on an extreme investigation.


4. Sherlock Holmes

This series embodies the environments and ambiance of the last centuries. The adventure as well as the detective drama dominate in the scenarios. This film adaptation of Sir Conan Doyle’s novel follows the progressive evolution of the famous duo Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. They invest their competence in draconian investigations. The curious nature of one as well as the ingenuity of the other gives a unique touch to the series.


5. Fargo

Fargo is a crime-ridden crime drama. There are a good handful of scenes of massacres there. From a film of the same name, it is made up of several independent seasons. Viewers are entitled to different players, but also different facts in each part.



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