iPhone 14 Named the Worst Apple Smartphone in Recent Years

iPhone 14 Named the Worst Apple Smartphone in Recent Years

The smartphone that most disappointed Apple fans were named. In particular, the rating of Apple’s smartphones collapsed on the iPhone 14 – this happened for the first time in the history of the Apple company. Users are massively dissatisfied with the flagships presented last fall.

Experts from PerfectRec shared the latest rating. According to their data, the statistics were obtained from Google services – 600,000 users were surveyed. This is how we managed to compile an iPhone rating, starting in 2010. Apple says its iPhone user satisfaction rate is 99%, but reviews put it at 72%. If the top iPhone 13 was liked by 90% of users, then the iPhone 14 collapsed all indicators.

iPhone 14 Pro Max buyers are most satisfied. This is a top smartphone with a powerful processor, a cool camera, and Dynamic Island technology. Let’s see what interesting things Apple will show us in the fall of 2023 because Cupertino has high hopes for new flagships.

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