Netflix Shows Canceled in 2023 Due to Poor Score

Netflix Shows Canceled in 2023 Due to Poor Score

Either the public appreciated the platform but did not meet expectations, or the scores are so poor that Netflix no longer wishes to continue the series even for popular television series, that don’t meet the criteria.

Netflix TV Shows Canceled in 2023

Every month and year, Netflix adds new television series to its catalog. Nonetheless, many travelers are reaching their destination. Here is the list of canceled TV shows by Netflix due to poor scores in 2023.

1) Man vs. Bee

The Man vs. Bee series worn by Rowan Atkinson, known for portraying Mr Bean, is undoubtedly familiar to you. The series, which will premiere in June 2022, recounts the tale of Trevor, a father responsible for watching a home while its occupants are away.

Unfortunately, despite his apparent composure, a cunning insect will drive Trevor to his breaking point.  The first season will consist of nine episodes, and the series will not be continued. No official explanation has been provided, but according to The Sun’s indiscretions, the director has no plans for what will occur next.

Additionally, the television series did not achieve the anticipated critical acclaim. It received notably low ratings: 58% on Netflix and 69/100 on Metacritic.

2) 1899

The other unexpectedly terminated television series is 1899, created by the same people as Dark. Critics supported the release of the television series despite the success of Netflix’s marketing campaign for it.

In eight 52-minute episodes, 1899 established the foundation for a successful television series.  A few weeks after its release, the streaming service determined that no sequel would exist. The reason is that she did not achieve the success expected by society.

3) Sex/Life

While such 2023 television series were discontinued after the first season, a second season does not guarantee a third. During its first 28 days on the platform, the first season of Sex/Life ascended to the second spot among the most followed series.

Season 2 tallied 126,8 million viewing hours, indicating that a large audience viewed it. Reviews were predominantly positive. However, Netflix determines to halt it mid-flight.

Netflix has already decided to cancel the following series in 2023 in addition to these three:

  • 4) Hot Skull – Season 1
  • 5) Uncoupled – Season 1
  • 6) Inside Job – Season 1
  • 7) Dead End: Paranormal Park – Season 2
  • 8) Smeiley – Season 1
  • 9) Juvenile Justice – Season 1
  • 10) The Chair – Season 1
  • 11) Rebelde – Season 2
  • 12) Freeridge – Season 1

Sometimes, supporters of terminated television series attempt to convince the platform to relaunch them. However, these efforts seldom yield fruit. They can be saved only if other platforms or TV channels decide to acquire them. We can use the example of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which became popular after Fox canceled it.

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