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10 Hottest Fashion Trends for Teenage Girls in 2020

Latest Fashion Trends 2020 for Teenage Girls

We are always happy to help with this endeavor and present the top of the hottest fashion trends for teenage girls in 2020. It was compiled on the basis of a study of specialized sites such as Cosmopolitan, Kleo.ru, TheSugarStyles, Her Style Code, etc.

During adolescence, clothing plays an important role in shaping personality and building relationships with others. Therefore, teenage girls are always looking to expand their wardrobe.


Every Teenager Girl Must follow these 10 Fashion Trends for Teenage Girls in 2020:

10. Layering

Layered clothingDo you also remember Shrek talking about multi-layered giants? Well, if Shrek talked about his nature, then we will talk about the external component, so to speak. The fashion of wearing several things on top of each other did not appear in 2020, but it still has not lost its relevance.

The multi-layered look provides real comfort in the autumn-winter period due to the abundance of things. At the same time, he looks amazing and is remembered by others. The main thing is to correctly choose the color scheme and not to overdo it with the number of clothes, instead of a stylish person, the semblance of a city madwoman will appear in front of others.

Important: Layering does not go well with an abundance of accessories such as beads, chains, and rings. The image is complex and you don’t need to overload it. But the belt is always appropriate.


9. Embroidered top

Embroidered topWill be a great addition to any teenage girl’s wardrobe. It will give a sense of uniqueness and make you feel like a queen under the admiring glances of others. The big advantage of this kind of clothing is that it suits a wide variety of styles, ranging from tomboy to glamorous sexy outfits and hipster looks.

For example, a peach top is perfect with a brightly printed pink mini skirt and red high-heeled sandals. And the white top matches perfectly with the orange maxi skirt with a belt.


8. Denim clothes

Mom jeansPractical, comfortable clothing is one of the most popular youth trends. One of the most popular denim items in 2020 is Mom Jeans, a little baggy. They gained popularity for their aesthetic and stylish look, which often reminds people of the early 2000s.

Teens look taller in these jeans, and you can find them in a variety of styles and colors, including ripped knees or bottoms.


7. Shoulder bag

Shoulder bagThe bag goes perfectly with any outfit and can even make the most boring look stylish. Large, catchy buckles and oversized bags are in fashion now. In contrast to them, you can choose a rectangular or square, bright micro-bag, completely impractical, but very cute.

Crossbody bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so choose the one that you think best suits your aesthetic style.


6. Backpack

Eco-leather backpack | Fashion Trends for Teenage Girls in 2020A backpack is a basic necessity for a girl who constantly carries textbooks and a laptop to school. As for fashion, backpacks are either of a solid color, which makes the accessory look strict and neat, or vice versa, with bright floral patterns, geometric or animal prints.

It is also worth considering an option made of durable eco-leather that can withstand heavy loads and not lose its elegant appearance.


5. Biker shorts

Biker shortsBiker shorts are perfect for a loose top, hoodie, sweatshirt – literally anything! They were popularized in 2020 and remain a teen fashion trend today.

Most often they are black and made of elastic material. They are worn by many stars such as Kim Kardashian, who is the first to be thanked for making this garment so popular.


4. Printed T-shirts 

Printed T-shirt | Hottest Fashion Trends for Teenage Girls in 2020Such clothes have long entered the world of teenage fashion and are not going to leave it in the near future. It is very popular as it adds an element of uniqueness to any outfit. You can pair patterned tees and long sleeves with biker shorts and trainers for a complete look.


3. Minimalistic watches

Minimalistic watchesA beautiful watch or bracelet can be a wonderful adornment for a girl’s hand. However, a watch is preferable, since, in addition to its aesthetic function, it also has practical value.

And the minimalistic ladies watch with a buckle is ideally combined with any look, be it a young rebel or a good girl. White and flesh-colored straps are in fashion in 2020.


2. Oversized clothing

Oversized clothing | Hottest Fashion Trends for Teenage Girls in 2020Cozy oversized hoodies, hoodies, and sweatshirts paired with a tight skirt, leggings or skinny jeans look great on girls. This outfit is best suited for a tall and slender teenager. But this style is not suitable for “dumplings”, it will only emphasize the volume of their figure.

The best tones for oversized clothes are beige, gray, black. And when choosing clothes, you should dwell on only one large item, either top or bottom.


1. Short jacket

Short coat | Hottest Fashion Trends for Teenage Girls in 2020Short jackets are one of the most ingenious teenage girl’s fashion creations of 2020. They create the feeling of a little missing detail to complete the look.

The combination possibilities with short jackets are endless. Literally anything can look stylish with this best kid’s clothing 2020.


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