MagSafe Charger Works Slow on Older iPhones

MagSafe Charger Works Slow on Older iPhones

MagSafe Wireless Charger works very slowly with the older version of iPhones

A few days ago, Apple introduced the new iPhone 12 lineup. The company also introduced the MagSafe wireless magnetic charger. Unfortunately, the maximum charging power is 15W when using a power supply and a cable with 20W power, and when using a 12W unit, the actual power will be even lower. At the moment, the MagSafe charger is already sold for $ 39.

Does MagSafe Work with the Older Version of iPhones?

A logical question arises – does MagSafe only work with the iPhone 12, do older iPhone models also support it? The answer is yes, all iPhone models with QI support are supported. Users who have already tried this claim an incredibly low charging speed. Tests with the iPhone XS Max have shown that this charge should not be used with older iPhones.

For example, the iPhone XS Max discharged to 1 percent, scored 13 percent in flight mode. It is not known why charging is so slow, but this figure is really unsatisfactory. Recall that the iPhone XS Max supports 7.5W wireless charging, and it works with this smartphone almost twice as fast as the new MagSafe – the smartphone charges in half an hour by 25 percent.

In another test of charging the iPhone XS Max, the authors compared the standard charging of Belin 7.5W with MagSafe and charging Belkin charged the smartphone by exactly twice as much – by 26.

Is it worthy to buy MagSafe Charger for Older iPhones?

The users of older iPhone models who doubt whether to buy MagSafe Charger or not can answer definitely not worth it Because MagSafe Charger works very slow on the older version of iPhones. The Charging speed is too slow, it is better to use standard QI-charging.

However, MagSafe works great with the iPhone 12 but it works Slow on Older iPhones. It charges the smartphone faster than Apple’s standard QI charge, and the iPhone 12 can be charged from zero to 50 percent in 28 minutes using a Lightning USB-C cable and a 20W charger. However, when using a standard MagSafe charger, charging up to 50 percent will take an hour.

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