Menstrual Cup Benefits

5 Menstrual Cup Benefits That Might Convince You Using It

If we went out into the street to ask women of different ages what are the different options they have for the days of their period, probably the most repeated would be tampons and pads. However, we would be surprised to discover that more and more of us are mentioning the third alternative since few of us have not heard about the benefits of the menstrual cup.

It is a small, very soft, and flexible silicone container that is inserted into the vagina to contain the discharge. And either for having tried it or for what is said about it, in any case, it is usually accompanied by praise in the first case or a very positive curiosity in the second.

What is clear is that it has not gone unnoticed and it seems that the majority of those who try it not only rule out using another method for menstruation other than this one but also become authentic ‘followers’. In case you haven’t tried it yet, in this article we will tell you about some of the benefits of the menstrual cup.


5 Menstrual Cup Benefits That Might Convince You Using It

These are the advantages that are most repeated among those who have opted for its regular use and also among its unconditional ones.


  1. Cheaper

Although initially, its acquisition involves an outlay of between 15 and 25 euros (you can find it both in online stores and in herbalists), you will not have to worry about buying any other type of feminine protection, as it lasts up to 10 years.

If the calculation of the expense derived from the purchase of tampons and pads during that same time were made, we would realize that in the first months we would have more than amortized it.

Another topic that is usually a matter of debate is the high taxes that are applied to an article that for us, women, is of primary necessity since during the more than 30 years that our fertile stage lasts, it will suppose an expense that we will not have the option of being able to do without. Bearing this in mind, with more reason to value this benefit of the menstrual cup.


  1. More Ecological

Help the environment by preventing pads and tampons from being dumped into the sea or incinerated. Almost all hygiene accessories (wipes, tampons, compresses, etc.) from conventional firms take hundreds of years to decompose, as they contain countless synthetic substances that are quite toxic, both for you and for the environment. Using the menstrual cup is a way to contribute to the health of the planet.


  1. Versatile to Use

Another benefit of the menstrual cup is the versatility it offers for its use since it can be used discreetly and without causing problems for swimming, going to the beach, or exercising; Once properly placed, its shape adapts to the interior of the vagina and makes a hermetic seal that prevents unwanted leaks from occurring, which is why it is perfectly valid for the cases we mentioned.

In addition, the menstrual cup can contain considerably more flow than a tampon can absorb, plus it is not noticeable that it is worn. And for those who had doubts, it resists perfectly well the postures of the night without you having to worry about it staining your underwear.


  1. Health Friendly

For those who opt for the use of the menstrual cup, one of the main reasons for betting on it is the conviction that their health will benefit from this change. For now, its hypoallergenic material makes it perfect for women with sensitive skin.

Both in the case of compresses and tampons, bleaches are used and, in some cases, also flavorings of chemical origin that are associated with allergy problems among their users, some discomfort derived from vaginal dryness that they usually produce, or the tedious candidiasis: The use of compresses favors a favorable environment for this fungus due to the heat and the little perspiration that they allow.

And in the case of tampons, being directly in contact with the vaginal mucosa, due to contact with all these substances contained in its fibers, can also become a recurrent evil. Fortunately, none of these drawbacks will worry women who already enjoy the benefits of the menstrual cup.


  1. Practical and Easy To Carry

For greater comfort and hygiene, the menstrual cup is usually accompanied by a cloth bag or case that you can comfortably carry inside your bag. You will not need to worry about replenishing refills for intimate hygiene, only to put it back after leaving it ready again at the end of menstruation.

The cup is really practical and is even more useful than tampons, since it can contain the flow for many hours, even for women with heavy menstruation, since there are different sizes to choose the one that has the capacity that best suits you. each.


Busting False Myths About Menstrual Cup

There are certain negative myths about the menstrual cup that can hold us back when choosing this alternative. We disassembled some of them.


  1. It Is Complicated to Put On and Take Off

Get it out of your head. Do you remember the first time you used a tampon? If today it is a passed test, putting on or taking off a menstrual cup is not a major difficulty. In the store where you buy it, they will be happy to explain how to fold it to place it with a simple gesture. And in case you need to see it to convince yourself, you can find many explanatory videos on the internet.


  1. I Think It May Bother Me

Absolutely. You don’t feel like you’re wearing it. Yes, it is important to pay attention to one detail, and it is the shape of its handle, which must be rounded (neither smooth nor rough, although they are easier to extract).


  1. It is Unpleasant

In reality, it is just as unpleasant to use a pad or tampon, since in all cases you will find yourself with the blood of your discharge. No more no less.

As you can see, even those aspects that could be seen as a disadvantage are not. This does not imply that the menstrual cup there are all advantages, but in most cases, the reluctance to use it is due more to misinformation and prejudice than to reality. With these data, you can now surely have a clearer idea when deciding to try it.


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