6 Ways to Live in the Present and Enjoy the Moment

6 Ways to Live in the Present and Enjoy the Moment

The practice of a conscious and full life begins by living in the present moment. Therapies such as Gestalt, the practice of meditation, or the increasingly named and well-known mindfulness attach essential importance to this fact.

The reason is that, while they are being carried out, priority is given to everything that happens at that moment, leaving out of our minds the concerns that prevent us from being focused on what concerns us, and thus being able to make decisions with greater clarity. or simply connect with the most authentic sensations of what we are experiencing.

Although we are not aware of it, the reality is that behind many moments of lack of concentration, concern, and even discomfort, our attention is focused on matters that belong to the past or the future. Hence, our main interest is to move our focus of attention toward the present moment, because only then can we begin to live in the present.


What Does it Mean to Live in the Present?

Although it seems very obvious, it is one thing to say it and another to be able to carry it out. But do we know what it means to live in the present? How could we put it into practice?

Below we will clarify some possible doubts that may arise and we will give some guidelines to put it into practice in an effective way.

Simply, we could say that it is about perceiving everything that happens here and now exclusively, of living it as something unique that only takes place at this moment, without connecting it to another moment or experience of the past, or linking it to a possible future situation.

Thus, by appreciating the experience as something new that takes place in our existence, we will be able to pay attention to all the nuances that it presents, without wrongly conditioning it to other sensations that could be related to previous situations.


6 Ways to Live in the Moment and Be Happy

Would you like to discover the keys to putting this enriching philosophy of life into practice? Here we discuss some of them:


  1. Turn to Relaxation

If we perceive that we are in a state of nervousness that can make it difficult for us to concentrate, we can practice some exercises to calm down. Getting to slow down our breathing, making it more diaphragmatic and slow at the same time that we notice that our muscles become less tense, will be the key to accessing that ideal state.

Interestingly, if we manage to access this level of physical relaxation, we will also be able to extend this sensation to our mind and thus achieve an optimal point to connect with the present.


  1. Manage Your Time Rationally

When an assessment of the objectives and goals that are pursued is made, stress can arise in the face of too many tasks to attend to until our expectations are met, which prevents living in the present.

It is essential in this case to stop for a moment to effectively plan our chores. And the best thing is to be able to do it by assessing each action objectively and prioritizing it in the most rational way possible.


  1. Avoid Rumination

Sometimes, when something worries us too much, we spend our time keeping recurring ideas and thereby creating a vicious circle that only serves to increase our discomfort and distract us from our goal. They are called ruminations, and being able to detect them will be essential to being able to deal with them effectively.

A good way to disconnect from them is to break the vicious circle by taking a short break, if possible in a positive and natural environment.


  1. Regulate Your Self-Esteem

Have you ever wondered if at some point your self-image enslaves you? It can be a good reflection to discover if our self-imposed demands are the ones that constantly boycott our well-being.

If in our day to day there are situations that we develop and a state of discomfort appears in our level of demand, it may be because we are continually aspiring to a reference model that is too far removed from our current possibilities. Knowing ourselves well and learning to accept our particularities can help us in this regard.

Otherwise, every moment that passes we will be placing our attention on secondary aspects that take us away from the authentic experience of living in the present.


  1. Discover Mindfulness

Currently, we have this technique to be able to take the fact of connecting with our objectives by living in the moment to the practical field. It is not a fad, although this term is heard more and more colloquially, but a real tool with which to learn to connect with the now.

In the search to live in the present, one of the keys is to resort to the so-called mindfulness, for which we seek to manage the focus of our attention to avoid harmful thoughts that distract us from what interests us.


  1. Practice Exercise

A simple way to focus on the present is sports. Since we have to concentrate on the correct way to carry it out and pay attention to the effort it requires, just the act of starting to practice it will allow us to naturally disconnect from everything that worries us and connect with the experience of that moment. In addition, we will have one more incentive to use this resource; the endorphins.


Final Words

When we practice physical exercise, our body rewards us with another benefit and it is derived from the secretion of this neurotransmitter, which will provide us relief from possible ailments and both physical and mental well-being.


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