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10 Motivational and Inspirational Movies to Watch in 2022

Motivational and Inspirational Movies

We know all these difficult times when we really need to be motivated. Nothing better than a good film to have fishing. The films convey emotion, inspiration, and motivation through the story told and the pep of the characters. Here below we have enlisted the top 10 most motivational, inspirational, bravest, and ambitious movies to watch.


Top 10 Most Motivational and Inspirational Movies to Watch in 2022


1. 300 for the glory

Directed by Zack Snyder, 300 For Glory tells the story of the bravery and determination of Leonidas and his 300 soldiers. Having become King of Sparta, he persisted in defending his country against the Persian invaders during the Battle of Thermopiles. The 300 set off to meet the enemy who numbered hundreds of thousands and against the advice of the Senate.

Remember that the Spartans are considered to be the best warriors from time to time, especially because of the Apogee. It is an education that promotes asceticism and patriotism above all else. Every Spartan citizen is introduced to the art of war from the age of 7. Well, this film falls to number 1 on the list of the most bravest and ambitious movies to watch.

Coupled with Leonidas’ determination, this bellicose culture enabled the 300 Spartans to push back the great Army of Xerxes in the narrow corridor of the “Hot Door”. Based on a true story told by Herodotus (considered to be the father of history), this film is a testament to what the human spirit can accomplish when prepared and determined.


2. The Wolf of Wall Street

This Martin Scorsese film is inspired by real events. Jordan Belfort is a stockbroker at LF Rothschild. His private life will be impacted by the stock market crash which led to the bankruptcy of the company in question. When he was going to have to start from scratch, his skills and the help of his partner Donnie Azof allowed him to start a business on Long Island.

Together, they were able to develop the pump and dump which was able to propel their turnover. Despite this feat, the FBI considers the activities of their new company to be a scam, which earned him several years in prison. Be that as it may, this work reflects the far-sighted and strategic character of a great businessman.


3. Undisputed 3: Redemption

Boyka the Undisputed 3 is at number three in the list of most motivational and inspirational movies. This film tells part of the story of Yuri Boyka, the best boxer in the world. Despite the injury resulting from his last fight, Boyka tries to raise the bar by participating in a deadly tournament. The event takes place in a prison and the participants are subjected to severe tests.

For his part, Boyka transforms his sorrows into tireless energy which he will use to gain even more strength, wisdom, and endurance. This film inspires viewers to believe in their talents in order to achieve their ends, no matter what.


4. Social Networks

Social Networks, a film directed by David Fincher, chronicles the success of the famous Mark Zuckerberg through the invention of Facebook. Ideas raced in Mark’s mind after his break-up with his girlfriend. He does not let himself be defeated and ultimately leads to the creation of the revolutionary social network. This feat opened several doors for him in the professional world.

The twins Winklevoss and Divya Narendra are seduced by her talents and decide to integrate her into their team. However, his adventure does not end there, because he issued by these same partners for violation of the law relating to intellectual property.


5. Skyscraper

At the center of this story is Will Sawyer, a former US Army veteran and head of a small security company. His family is trapped in a torched tower. In addition to being wrongly accused, Will Sawyer encounters many thrilling trials. This film shows what a man is capable of doing for the sake of his family. To end this nightmare, he calls on his courage to overcome all kinds of obstacles.


6. Forest Gump

The film focuses on Gump’s busy life between the 1950s and 1980s. He is a man involved, often unintentionally, in most major events in the United States. As a child, Forest suffered from a disability that deprived him of any mobility. Over time, luck smiles on him, and happy events follow one another, starting with his meeting with Jenny.

Then, he became a professional runner and managed to get a sports scholarship at the University of Alabama. Fate even exposed him to the Vietnam War and his talent as an athlete will save lives.


7. Rocky

Rocky is an Italian-American boxer from a poor neighborhood. He became a world champion thanks to his relentlessness and hard training. Obviously, his persevering behavior did not fail to motivate successive generations.


8. Pandora

This film is about a South Korean city hit by a tsunami, then a nuclear explosion. The technicians are armed with courage and will activate themselves to fight against this attack. A man even risks his life to save his country.


9. 1945: End of war

Based on a true story, the film relates the life of Captain Ôba in times of war. He is a Japanese soldier in the Imperial Army. After a Japanese defeat on the island of Saypan, Ôba and his troop continue to resist the American armies. His cunning allowed him to torment the Americans for 512 days.


10. You will not kill

At number 10 in the list of most inspirational and motivational movies to watch. You will not kill is also based on a true story. Desmond Doss who is the son of a former American soldier joins the army. He refused to carry a firearm despite the insistence of his superiors and joined the war in the Pacific.

However, he is the only one to remain at the front line to treat and recover the wounded. Desmond has saved more than 70 lives thanks to his unfailing courage.


11. Invincible

Invincible ( Unbroken ) is an adaptation of Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption (2010) by Laura Hillenbrand. Directed and produced by Angelina Jolie, this American biographical film features the stamina and endurance of Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini (1917–2014). Humiliated and extremely tortured during a time when he was a prisoner of war, he did not lose hope and managed to stand up to the end.


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