6 Natural Remedies to End Bad Breath

6 Natural Remedies to End Bad Breath

Natural Home Remedies to end Bad Breath

Want to end bad breath, but without breaking the bank on chemicals? Here are the solutions! Bad breath, or halitosis, is that foul smell that comes out of the mouth. It is really embarrassing, whether it is for you or for those around you. No matter how much you brush your teeth three times a day, the bad smell persists. It is that you must act early and effectively.

6 Ways to get rid of Bad Breath

Indeed, apart from the discomfort it causes, halitosis can be the symptom of a serious illness. So what to do? Here are some easy ways to end bad breath.

1. Brush Your teeth and Tounge as well 

Bad breath is a problem that affects more than 40% of the world’s population. In most cases of halitosis, improper brushing is the root of the problem. The purpose of brushing teeth is not primarily to whiten them but to get rid of the food residues that have lodged between them.

If you just brush the visible surface of your teeth, sooner or later you can expect bad breath. Indeed, bad brushing leaves food residue between the teeth. This rot and therefore give off the foul odor you know.

For effective brushing, you need to do at least two minutes. Brush the surface of the teeth, the top, and the other side invisible to the eye. Then rub your tongue properly and run the brush over your palate.

In addition, it is recommended to brush your teeth at night, before going to bed. As saliva is less active, food residues break down and release bacteria. They are the ones that give off bad breath.

2. Use Vegetable Charcoal

Known to overcome stomach aches, charcoal is an effective food supplement. It has the property of absorbing bacteria and toxins. So, you can also use it to relieve bad breath. Against bad breath, we find charcoal in capsule form. However, a homemade solution is more effective for some people.

For this, take a glass of water and add a teaspoon of charcoal to it; stir everything. The solution is to be taken after each meal. This will be able to absorb the residues at the same time.

3. Drink lemon juice

Lemon juice is a remedy for bad breath. Drinking this juice is effective in suppressing the bacteria that are in the mouth. In a glass of water, mix lemon juice and drink it daily. Due to its antiseptic properties, lemon will bring you fresh breath.

4. Mouthwash

No need to break the bank to buy chemicals at the drugstore. There are natural products that you can mouthwash with to get rid of the bad smell that comes out of your mouth. Baking soda, mint, honey, and parsley, here are some of the products you can use to make a mouthwash. Of all, baking soda is more than effective.

5. Chew parsley

Parsley can be used in many ways. You can not only make it a mouthwash, but you can also add it to your vegetables and also to your salads. If you don’t mind the taste, it is recommended that you chew parsley after your meals. A plant rich in chlorophyll, parsley attracts odors and suffocates them in your mouth. It also has the property of giving you fresh breath. Ideal to speak for without fear.

6. Control your diet

Prevention is better than cure, they say. The best way to get relief from bad breath is to control what goes into your mouth. You need to stay away from alcohol (know when to consume it) and tobacco. Also, avoid consuming hard foods at night.

These hardly break down at night and leave residue between your teeth. These rots and release bacteria. So you need to know what to eat and when to eat it. Finally, also choose foods that freshen your breath. Among others, we have water, alfalfa, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, mint, cucumber, fennel, etc.

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