Negative Impacts of Wi-Fi in Our Daily Life

Negative Impacts of Wi-Fi in Our Daily Life

5 Negative Impacts of Wi-Fi on Our Daily Life  

Think Wi-Fi is the best thing because it lets you connect? Although there are many benefits of Wi-Fi today we decided to tell you about the Negative Impacts of Wi-Fi in Our Daily Lives. Almost everyone has Wi-Fi at home even if you don’t have it properly, your neighbors undoubtedly have it.

Very useful equipment, Wi-Fi allows us to connect to the internet and do many other things. Unfortunately, the majority of people who use it ignore that what connects us is killing us slowly, and quietly. .


1. Disruption of Cell Development

For its operation, Wi-Fi emits electromagnetic waves. While these are useful for electronic devices, they are harmful to the human body. This is what an Australian study proves to us. The electromagnetic waves emitted by Wi-Fi disrupt cell development in children and in particular in fetuses.

The growing tissues in small children or even in the fetus in the womb are disturbed by the radiation of this equipment. They are therefore the most affected. Thus, cellular development is delayed or compromised.


2. Increased Heart Rate

While the impact is more psychological in children, the effects of electromagnetic frequencies are more physical in other people. Usually, it is the increased heart rate that proves this negative impact of Wi-Fi waves. This is confirmed by a scientific study. According to this study published on ScienceDirect, long exposure to Wi-Fi waves increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.


3. Disruption of Brain Function

If the electromagnetic waves from Wi-Fi didn’t reach you during childhood, they still have time to hit you. Indeed, in adults, Wi-Fi radiation has the property of disrupting brain function. As a result, you will very often lose concentration when faced with certain jobs that require it. Suddenly, brain activity decreases and you will frequently have memory problems.


4. Impaired Fertility in Men

You should know that waves have the ability to negatively impact your fertility. This is unfortunately proven by the electromagnetic waves of Wi-Fi which reduce the fertility of men. Wi-Fi radiation disrupts the mobility of sperm. Also, it is not unrelated to the increased risk of abnormal pregnancy in many women living in an environment with a high concentration of electromagnetic waves.


5. Development of Insomnia

Have you ever had trouble sleeping at your usual sleep time? Do you have pain when you wake up? Do you sometimes doze off at unusual times? If you answer yes to all these questions and you do not find probable causes, know that you are a victim of the impact of electromagnetic waves from your Wi-Fi.

Indeed, those who are exposed to this radiation have their sleep disturbed; this is even more true in children. It is impossible to do without Wi-Fi. It is essential equipment in this century where the Internet is more than necessary for everyday life. So, how do you protect yourself from electromagnetic waves?


Protect Yourself From the Side Effects of Wi-Fi

The first thing to protect yourself from the downside of this equipment is to find a suitable place for it. Do not place your internet box in your bedroom, but in the living room. From now on, avoid putting your phone in your pocket or putting it near your stomach if you are pregnant. Do not place your phone or computer on your stomach or bring them near your genitals.

It is recommended to use hands-free kits if you have to spend hours on the phone. When it comes time to sleep, it is recommended that you unplug all peripherals. Also, you should keep your phone and computer away from you. By taking these various precautions, you will be able to limit the damage to the Wi-Fi as much as possible.



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