10 Tips to Get Better Sleep

10 Tips to Get Better Sleep At Night

10 Tips for Getting Good Sleep

When night comes and the body cries out for rest, we all want to sleep peacefully. Sleep and travel in this mystical universe of our dreams. These are sleep disorders that negatively impact your life the next day. Do you want a good peaceful sleep at night then follow these 10 tips to sleep peacefully.

You can’t close your eyes when stress takes over your head. Even if you manage to close your eyes, you will not be able to sleep soundly: you will wake up in the middle of the night. Sleep and wake up the next day, full of energy and motivation.



1. More Sport, From 7 p.m.

No more sport after dark: this is rule number 1 when you want to sleep peacefully. Indeed, beyond 7 p.m., the body temperature drops, in order to prepare the body for evening rest. But when after this time you start exercising, your body temperature rises and awakens the senses. The normal rhythm of the organism is then disturbed. If you have evening gym sessions, reschedule them for the morning. Your sleep and your body will benefit.


2. Give Birth Ideas on a Sheet

Financial worries, a problem to solve, and how to win the heart of the desired one. If you have a bunch of ideas swarming in your head and occupying your thoughts, you can’t close your eyes to fall asleep. If you succeed, those same worries will wake you up in the middle of the night.

When at sleep time you find that ideas invade your mind, get off your bed. Take a notebook and a pen, then write down whatever comes to mind. You will not see sleep coming and you will sleep well.


3. Practice a Breathing Exercise

To sleep peacefully, you need to have peace of mind. If, on the contrary, you are restless, you must find calm. To do this, you can practice a breathing exercise. So, follow the next steps:

Breathe out all the air from your lungs through your mouth. Then breathe in slowly through your nose (your mouth is closed) for four seconds. Hold your breath for about five seconds.
Assume the initial position and exhale all the air in your lungs, for about 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise three times and go to bed. You have to get back to sleep.


4. Drink Herbal Tea

Can’t find your way back to the kingdom of Morpheus? Why not refer to the recipes of grandmothers? Among them, a cup of lime blossom or verbena herbal tea has always been effective. Indeed, sedative properties are recognized in these plants. This makes their herbal tea suitable for inducing sleep.


5. Take a Chamomile Bath

It is always recommended to take a bath before going to bed. It’s not just for hygiene, it’s also to help you fall asleep. In this sense, having a lukewarm chamomile bath is perfect for getting a good night’s sleep when you suffer from sleep disorders.

Chamomile is known for its relaxing properties. It, therefore, allows you to relax your body to calmly regain sleep. For this, you only have to add two drops of chamomile essential oil to your lukewarm bath. That’s it.


6. Eat An Apple

It’s not for nothing that the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away from you” is so famous. This is good because of the properties of this fruit. If you are looking for sleep in vain, go for an apple. It consists of bromine which is a substance with a sedative property. Thanks to it, eating a shape will relax your nerves. From then on, you can sleep peacefully and discover the wonderful world of the queen.


7. Adopt the Ideal Position for Sleeping

If you can’t fall asleep, it may be because you haven’t adopted the ideal position. This also influences the quality of our sleep. Sleeping on your stomach is definitely bad. You may have back pain and acid reflux. The best position for sleeping is on your back. This rests your spine and your whole body. If this position doesn’t get you the sleep you want, remember the last time you naturally slept. Take the position you took.


8. Find the Ideal Temperature

If it is very hot or too cold in your room, know that sleep will hardly come. If so, it won’t be deep. So remember to regulate the temperature of your room. The temperature has been proven to play a role in our sleep. For this, the ideal temperature for a bedroom is 19 ° C. This promotes good blood circulation. This induces sleep.


9. Control Your Diet at Night

Since the body controls sleep, everything that goes into it at night must be controlled. Remember that difficult digestion keeps the body active. Suddenly, sleep will come late. In the evening, you should avoid heavy food and eat very early. Say no to red meats and go for legumes or whole grains. These will produce serotonin useful for restful sleep.


10. Turn off the Light

At two o’clock in the morning, go and close the curtains in your bedroom. Make sure that no more light enters it. So turn off all light sources. 30 minutes before going to bed, quit your computer and turn off your phone. Put your senses in a passive state to promote sleep. So you won’t be sleeping late when you get to bed.



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