Types and Installation of Hair Extensions

Types and Installation of Hair Extensions

Different Types of Hair Extensions and Installation

The installation of hair extensions does not have to be done by just anyone. In principle, you should contact a professional. The latter will have to carry out an analysis of your hair after which he will be able to advise you on the type of extensions to apply in an adequate manner. Indeed, some additions of extensions are not suitable for all types of hair.

To have long and abundant hair is the dream of many women. And this dream can come true within hours with hair extensions. However, it is important to understand all that the installation of hair extensions involves. We, therefore, offer you advice on how to successfully add hair and how to maintain it.


What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are natural or artificial strands that are attached to the hair in order to give it volume or length. Whether it is afros, fine, short, or other hair, the hair extension is an important and interesting element allowing to enhance the femininity of the user. It also allows to:

  • easily change your hairstyle,
  • dare the coloring (or discolorations),
  • consider different styles etc.

Thus, various reasons can be the basis for the decision to have hair extensions installed. To buy more simple, you will find many inexpensive hair extensions on well-known e-commerce sites like Aliexpress. However, you have to choose them well in order to obtain a perfect result depending on the nature of your hair. This is why it is important to seek advice from your hairdresser.


How to Choose Hair Extensions?

You have the choice between synthetic hair extensions and natural extensions. Whichever type you choose, you’ll find it at varying prices. However, natural wicks are relatively more expensive than synthetic ones.

Hair Extensions

Who says varied price also means a difference in quality? This is because synthetic extensions are made in the factory from petroleum and plastic residues. They are therefore not always of good quality, and it may happen that once installed, they do not necessarily give a natural rendering.

With the addition of natural hair, on the other hand, you will not have to worry, especially if the pose is well done. It is in fact the natural hair of women (most often Asian) which is processed and packaged. By choosing them, it would be difficult to tell the difference with your own hair. You will thus obtain supple and natural hair.

Either way, when it comes to hair extension it all depends on what you want to achieve as a result. It is strongly recommended to contact an extension specialist to guide you in your choice.



Types of Hair Extensions

Note that a minimum of 10 cm of natural length is required so that the attachment points of the extensions are not visible. Thus, the type of hair will depend on the nature of your hair. There are several, among which we can mention:

  • cold hair extensions
  • hot hair extensions
  • clip-in hair extensions
  • glue hair extensions
  • loop hair extensions
  • weaving hair extensions

The professional should then be able to provide you with an estimate covering the diagnosis of the hair, the installation of extensions, and also the removal.


  • Hot hair extensions

This is the most used method. Especially suitable for thick hair, it consists in applying the extension strand by strand on the hair using keratin. It will then be necessary to harden the latter using heating tongs.


  • The installation of cold extensions

This method involves fixing the extensions using vegetable keratin, or with metal rings attached with pliers. It is particularly suitable for frizzy or afro hair.


  • Clip-in extensions

They are very popular because their installation is almost instantaneous. The wicks are fixed simply thanks to a system of clips to which a slight pressure must be applied. This is the recommended technique for medium hair. It is also the easiest to install as you can see in the video below.


  • Adding extensions to loops

In addition, the technique of adding extensions to loops consists of connecting the hair to the extension using a very thin ring. It is especially encouraged because it does not require the use of products or any source of heat. The rendering is also very natural.

In addition, you should know that depending on the method adopted, the installation of your extensions will last between a few minutes and several hours. The duration of this operation also depends on the dexterity of the professional.


How to Maintain your Extensions so that they last?

Just like natural hair, your extensions should be groomed and cared for. You will need to wash them with a suitable mild shampoo, then rinse them with lukewarm water. Then use a conditioner for more shine. The operation should be done once a week.

However, you must avoid hot drying at all costs. Instead, opt for cold drying by keeping your hairdryer a good distance from the scalp. In some hair salons, the cost of installing extensions also includes regular maintenance and removal.


  • Hair Extensions before and after

Knowing that good quality and well-laid extensions can last up to or months, it is advisable to brush them morning and evening to avoid the formation of knots. You can also braid them into pigtails at night and cover them with a silk beanie before sleeping. The main thing is to avoid friction as much as possible.

As for hairstyles, you can dare colorings, perms, curling, or straightening. Even better if you are wearing natural extensions. Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice. You can also rely on the instructions for use that accompany your extensions.


Hair Extension Installation Price 

In the end, wearing extensions will be fun if you follow the tips above. Note that it is possible to buy hair extensions on specialized sites online. Of course, prices vary depending on the quality, range, and quantity. On average, the purchase and installation will cost you between 400 and 700 euros. You can, however, opt for clip-in extensions which cost a lot less.



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