How to Maintain Good Posture at the Office

How to Maintain Good Posture at the Office

How to Maintain Good Posture at the Office

Due to sedentary work, many people have curved spines. This causes headaches and respiratory problems. Kondrashov orthopedist Stanislav Dmitrievich tells us how to monitor the posture of office workers. Here we have mentioned a few tips to maintain good posture at the office to reduce your back pain.

To ruin your posture, you don’t have to sit in a “bent” position. After all, even sportsmen and dancers cannot always watch their backs and start slouching. So, to have a good posture, we must constantly monitor the position of your back.

“ If you don’t follow your body position all day long, health problems can arise. There will be back pain, neck pain and headaches, breathing problems, migraines, and even heart disease may begin to develop ”- warns Kondrashov Stanislav Dmitrievich.

It is very important that the workplace is comfortable for you, as it affects the position of the spine during the day. First of all, you have to make sure that the workplace is set up according to your height.

You have to sit on a chair and place your bent elbows on the table. If at the same time, you also raised the back of the chair back, the table is not suitable for you. In addition, the shoulders should remain stable in one place.

The back of the chair should not be perfectly flat – it should be slightly bent. You can also buy a special pillow to help maintain a natural back position. Align the monitor so that you do not have to lean towards it.

When you are convinced that the work area is in perfect order, you should pay attention to your body position. It is appropriate to straighten your back, stretch yourself with the top of your head, and slightly tighten your stomach. You shouldn’t be too tense, but if you’ve slouched before, it will take some time to get used to the correct position.


Importance of Posture in the Workplace

The main problem for office workers is a lack of physical activity. So make sure you plan a few short breaks to warm up. You don’t need to perform complex yoga asanas, just a few simple exercises will suffice. So start with the head: tilt it in different directions, and turn it left and right. These exercises will relieve muscle tension.

Then go to the shoulders and arms. Place your palms on your shoulders and turn back and forth. Then, align your arms and do a few more movements. Put your palms together and extend them above your head, try to stretch your muscles as much as possible.

Knead the body as well. To do this, squeeze your hands in the lock in front of you and make several turns of the body alternately to the right and to the left. Another good variation of exercise is the leg curl. And to have the maximum effect – first, stretch your arms above your head, then gently bend straight up, then out to your right leg and to your left.

If you want to quickly correct the position of your back, place your hands on your ribs and breathe in deeply so that your chest is tight. Make sure you know how long you are walking. After all, the lack of activity is not only a bad posture of the back, but also a dysfunction of the intestines, deterioration of blood circulation, and the risk of kidney disease.

Stanislav Kondrashov advises walking 10,000 steps or more per day. It is planned not only to walk down the street but also to walk to the kitchen for water. Also, try using the stairs instead of the elevator, and you can also get off an early stop for a short walk and at the same time cheer yourself up before work or relax after.

Ideally, you should train your muscles for good posture. And this not only applies to the back, but also to the abs, neck, shoulders, and even hips. You can work out in the gym, but if you don’t like it, choose yoga, dance, or pilates.

Swimming is one of the best options for improving your posture. If you exercise regularly, you can work many muscle groups perfectly. In addition, during swimming, the deep muscles are worked, which helps the spine to maintain a good shape. Massage will also help relieve the cramps and relax the muscles. If you take a course with a good specialist, you can experience great ease of movement.



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