Netflix Series and Movies to watch in January 2021

Netflix Series and Movies to watch in January 2021

What Netflix Series and Movies to Release in January 2021 

Who says new month necessarily means new ideas for Netflix series and films. To start the year 2021 in the most beautiful way, the streaming giant has already announced the novelties that will land in January. And we can assure you that you will have good reasons to settle down on your sofa for moments of pleasure. Here are the best new series and movies you must-watch on Netflix in January 2021.

New Netflix Series and Movies coming to Netflix in 2021


1. Lupine: New Drama Series

A modern take on the fictional character Arsène Lupine, the trailer for this series is mouth-watering. 25 years ago, Alassane Diop’s life took a different turn when his father died after being accused of a crime of which he is innocent. Years have passed, but the flame of vengeance has not been extinguished.

And to take it, Alassane will be inspired by his model, the Gentleman Burglar, Arsène Lupine. Mastering to perfection the art of disguise like the legendary Lupine, Alassane will try to steal a piece of jewellery exhibited at the Louvre Museum, while he is employed there as a maintenance agent.

2. Fate, the Winx saga: New Italo-British fantasy series

This series is a live-action adaptation of Winx Club, an Italian animated series. For thousands of years, in a mystical world, the school of Alféa has mainly trained fairies in the magical arts. But this year, she’s welcoming Bloom, a young woman who grew up in the human world. She is a kind and loving girl who fights watches. However, Bloom is a stubborn girl who has dangerous powers.

3. Riverdale, season 5: American drama and thriller series

Isn’t that the same question everyone was asking themselves at the end of Season 4: How will Veronica and Jughead react if they learn the truth? Well, the answer is finally here with Season 5 arriving in January.

The season opens with the end of year prom and the graduation ceremony for high school students. There, already, the blood of each one will rise since one hears: “Something happened between Betty and Archie”.

3. Ten per cent, Season 4: comedy-drama

This new season will again expose Andrea’s setbacks. Now ASK’s Managing Director, she wonders if she has the capacity to be a mother because the DG costume absorbs her. At work, she will have to face the perilous situation of the agency, deprived of Mathias’ talents. The line between friendship and work is not always perceptible. However, Camille will have to perceive it for her own balance, having become Sofia’s agent.

4. 24h Chrono: American drama series

The best drama series on Netflix arrives on 1 st of January. The SVOD platform has obtained the broadcasting rights for the entire series. Whether you have already followed it or not, 24h Chrono always has something to please.

Spy series, 24h Chrono relates in real-time the mission of the agents of the anti-terrorist cell. The latter are fighting against terrorist attacks in the United States. And to succeed in the mission, it is Jack Bauer who takes the lead: a man as fascinating as he is intriguing.

The other series added to the Netflix catalogue with a release date in January 2021
  • My Dream House (season 2) – 01/01
  • The story of swear words – 01/05
  • Inside the World’s Toughest Prison (season 5) – 01/08
  • Dawson, the complete – 01/15
  • Empire of Bling – 01/15
  • Disenchantment (part 3) / 01/15
  • Snowpiercer (season 2) – 01/26
  • The Netflix Afterparty – coming soon
  • Bonding (season 2) – coming soon
  • Cobra Kai (season 3) – coming soon

New movies coming to Netflix in January 2021

1. Spider-Man Homecoming: American Superhero Movie

Without a doubt, the best film to hit Netflix in the first month of 2021. This opus follows Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Peter Parker, in his Spiderman costume, continues his lifelong mission: to hunt down New York City criminals. But at the same time, the superhero, being human above all else, tries to maintain a balance in his friendship with Ned Leeds, his unacknowledged love for Liz and his high school life. When he finally believes he finds it, a new supervillain named the Vulture appears. A new major challenge.

2. The Dig: British Historical Drama

Adapted from the eponymous novel by John Preston, The Dig is a historical drama directed by Simon Stone. We are at the end of the 1930s. Edith Pretty, a wealthy widow, hires an amateur archaeologist to excavate the immense property on which she lived. In his excavations, the archaeologist unearths a burial and then a funeral vessel. The object of covetousness, the latter attracts the British Museum.

3. Penguin Bloom: Australian-American Drama

When you lose part of your body, you definitely lose part of your life. And to rebuild it, it often takes very little. Here is a summary of this whole dramatic film. Penguin Bloom is the true story of Sam Bloom, a young mother who almost became crippled following a near-fatal accident. His life was profoundly changed. But his relationship with a bird makes him see life in a new light.

4. Pieces of a Woman: Canadian drama film

When you lose a loved one, you also lose part of your own life. The sad reality for Martha Carson who loses her child during childbirth. The woman was deeply upset that she decided to do an introspection. An interior journey that will upset her relationship with her husband and oppose her to her mother.

Other films added to the Netflix catalogue with a release date in January 2021
  • Collection Claude Sautet – 01/01
  • Mulholland Drive – 01/01
  • Children’s games – 01/01
  • Délicatessen – 01/01
  • City of Fear – 01/01
  • Stuck Apart (Azizler) – on 08/01
  • Insidious the last key – 01/09
  • Hostile Zone – 01/15
  • Dad, is that you? – 01/15
  • The Coming Out – 01/22
  • The White Tiger – on 01/22
  • June & Kopi: – 01/28
  • Ohana or the Hidden Treasure: January 29

What are the best new Netflix series of January 2021?


What are the best new Netflix movies in January 2021?



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