The Bad Covid Days May Be Far Behind, But They Are Not Over Yet!

The Bad Covid Days May Be Far Behind, But They Are Not Over Yet!

The Bad Covid Days May Be Far Behind, But They Are Not Over Yet!

After almost 2.5 years into the pandemic, there are some legitimate doubts and fears around the situation. In the early month of June, Colorado recorded a downward trend in infection rate; while that is good news, Coloradans cannot forget the virus’s scar on their health.

In early June, health officials noted that the state witnessed 1800 daily cases at its lowest average, with the positivity rate at nearly 11%. Hospital admissions also decreased slightly, from 323 to 304 in one week. However, the cause of concern is the upcoming events, such as the Stanley Cup Final, the 4th of July holiday, and several other summer festivals.

Health leaders want the public to be careful in indoor spaces where there will be a lack of proper ventilation or air circulation. According to chief medical officer Eric France, Omicron variants transmit quickly, and the cases are happening.

Hence, it becomes essential to analyze risks and avoid anything that can once again make this virus more prominent. Three counties from the state have entered the high-risk community level, including Rio Blanco, Broomfield, and Boulder. Of 64 counties, 15 are in the medium risk zone.

In this context, it is worth remembering that only 18% of the state population favors official measures targeting COVID- 19 curb, according to a survey by MyBioSource. The study witnessed participation from as many as 3,442 people across the nation.

Given the situation and the risks involved, it becomes essential to learn about precautions and corrective measures for one’s safety against the virus.


Precautionary Measures

Larimer County comes under a medium risk level of community spread per the CDC guidelines. In these areas, the authorities suggest people go for their vaccine doses, test for symptoms if there is any doubt, etc.

A high-risk individual with an underlying ailment can wear a mask and consult their primary care provider about additional precautions. Masking up in public indoor areas can be especially useful.

Also, one can use a home testing kit before attending a large gathering to ensure they don’t become the carrier of the virus. Social distancing is also there. You can also follow the local health department’s COVID-19 updates to understand the status better.


Things to Consider in the Event of Catching the Covid Virus

As per the news, the state health department informs that people with positive tests have to quarantine. The first day of quarantine begins after testing positive or getting the symptoms.

But the duration of isolation will depend on their health condition. Overall, one can remain in quarantine for five days and five more days as a precautionary step. Isolation can end after this period if you don’t show any symptoms even after testing positive.

Someone with no fever and mild symptoms can also come out of isolation if their health has improved. Sometimes, symptoms may happen late. In that case, the first day of isolation begins when your symptoms have developed.

Maintain distance with people with severe ailments or disorders. At the end of isolation, you need to mask up inside your home and in the public areas for the next five days. You have to stay away from food and beverages when others are around. You cannot travel also.

Some people don’t want to wear masks either out of the will or due to discomfort. According to the state health department, they need to quarantine for ten days and go for one more test after completing this period.

A few people may still experience fever after spending five days in total separation. Still, they would have to stay isolated until their fever disappears for a minimum of 24 hours and overall health becomes better.


Things to Consider in the Event of Exposure to the Covid Virus

Those who contact an infected person would need to isolate themselves. It is relevant for unvaccinated people. They also have to wear a mask for additional five days following the five-day quarantine.

If you cannot quarantine, wearing a well-fitting mask for ten days is essential. As per the public health guidance, fully vaccinated people or those who tested positive for the virus in the last 90 days don’t have to go into isolation, though.

In Larimer County, people can access free testing in drive-thru facilities. So, if the at-home kit doesn’t suit you, it will be better to look for such testing sites in your respective county.

Relaxation of masking rules and other criteria introduced during peak covid-led times is a relief for everyone. However, as said, the pandemic has not gone yet. The evidence of this is the current spike rate across different states.

That’s why it is necessary to be careful while progressing toward a normal routine. Things haven’t worsened yet. Most of the recent peaks are much lower than the January month. But hospital admissions in the state increased by almost 20% in June. If everyone navigates through this phase with little attention, a brighter day and a future can be there to enjoy.


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