10 Best Android Launchers to Customize Your Phone

Best Android Launcher of 2021

Many users believe that Android is superior to iOS because of the launcher or home screen. Today we will see the top 10 best Android launchers to customize your phone settings for free.

Android launchers enable practically infinite customization of Google’s operating system’s interface, as well as additional customization and the acceleration of outdated handsets.

Smartphone manufacturers frequently fail to offer users sufficient customization options, Android is renowned for its customization capabilities. This is when having a trustworthy Android launcher comes in very handy.

Best Android Launchers [Free/Paid]

Replaces the Launcher from the manufacturer of  Samsung, Huawei, or Xiaomi   to be able to adapt to your own needs with  Icon Pack, a Better adaptation of the Applications drawer, optimized speed, Support for gesture control, and many other features such as scrolling effects, and more

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the classic among Launchers for Android. It is based on the standard Android launcher with strong feature and functionality enhancements:

  • Support to install the icon pack.
  • Folders will have the same style as the adaptive icons.
  • Gestures on the desktop to open specific apps or tasks.
  • Customize the dock and desktop in size and style.
  • Navigation bar in the Dock and Android 8.1 style
  • Night modes.
  • Unread counter.
  • Personalization backups.

Google Play (Free)

2. Lawnchair 2: Customize Google Pixel Style

A Launcher inspired by the Pixel Launcher style with which you can customize the desktop like Google’s Pixel Launcher but with more customization functions.

  • Widgets with information about the battery, notifications, unread emails, messages, and music that is being listened to.
  • Dark mode.
  • Sesame integration and app suggestions.
  • Customize the style of third-party icons and shortcuts.
  • Integration with Google Now and Google Assistant.

Google Play

3. Action Launcher

Action Launcher has been completely redesigned and now brings many features from Android 8.0 and Google phones, Pixel 2.

  • New: A multitude of gestures Available with Android 10.
  • New Android P-style folders.
  • App drawer with featured applications and search engine.
  • Android P or Android 9.0 style dock: App finder on the left side and widget panel on the right side with Google Now.
  • Custom or automatic colors on the home screen.
  • Search bar and shortcuts in the Dock like the Google Pixel 2.
  • Android O style notifications and shortcuts on the app icons.
  • integration with Google Now.
  • Foster icons.
  • Widgets on the application icon.
  • Unread badges on icons with preview.
  • Quick editing of icons and smart sizes.
  • Gestures on the screen for shortcuts.

4. Launcher iOS 14 – iPhone & iOS Appearance

It is a launcher that wants to give your Android mobile an iPhone appearance with the iOS 14 interface that also simulates the Control center by activating it from the app that is downloaded separately and also with some iOS widgets.

  • Create Folders with applications or games.
  • Notification balloons in icons.
  • Variety Widgets iOS styles how is battery percentage, photos, and weather.
  • Transition effect on 3D desktop and wallpaper.
  • Quick search like iOS14.

Android (Free)

5. Microsoft Launcher – PC Connection

Microsoft Launcher brings many news and new functions that are integrated with Microsoft services and software: Office, OneDrive, Outlook, Windows 10 …

  • Elegant personalization with Bing Wallpapers that change daily.
  • Resize icons, grids, and icon packs.
  • Widgets in the form of cards with relevant information on the desktop.
  • Search bar with a button for voice and QR reader.
  • More than 8 gestures to navigate, adjust, and open apps.
  • Synchronization between Android and your PC (Windows 10) of what you do.
  • Dark mode.
  • New: Customize Dock by removing or changing icons and adding a search bar.

Google Play (Free)

6. Smart Launcher 3

An elegant Launcher for Android and Smart that wants to be the lightest and that does not consume so many resources of the mobile for example the low consumption of RAM.

This launcher is ideal for low-mid-range mobiles. Plus, it makes it easy to launch an app with just two taps, thus minimizing access. Also in terms of customization and gesture control, Smart Launcher has nothing to envy Nova.

Google Play (Free)

7. Evie Launcher – Light and fast

For those looking for a minimalist style, this is your Launcher. It is very quick and easy to replace your home screen. This improves the performance of your device.

  • It has custom Docks.
  • Numbering for unread.
  • Double-tap to lock.
  • Quick navigation to open and search apps.
  • Search everything: contacts, movies, music, places, etc.

8. Flick Launcher

This launcher is certainly at the height of the best launcher: the Nova launcher. It has similar and even better functions for extreme customization:

  • Inspired by Google Pixel Launcher.
  • Android 8.0 style notifications
  • Shortcuts on application icons.
  • Gestures: Slide fingers on the screen to open applications you want, and activate, and deactivate mobile settings.
  • Password-locked apps and folders.
  • Search bar with your favorite search engine: Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo.
  • Run an app by plugging in the headphones.
  • Grids for desktops and much more.

Google Play (Free)

9. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher has similar features to its competitor Nova. It has a customizable grid, icon pack support, transition effects, folder styles, gestures on the home screen, optimized for mobile phones and tablets, notifications with icon counts, backups, and much more.

Google Play (Free)

10. Niagara Launcher

If you like a minimalist or distraction-free home screen, Niagara Launcher is the only app you need. To make it easier for you to access your preferred apps and notifications, this launcher maintains them on the home screen.

The Niagara Launcher lacks an app drawer. Other apps can be found by swiping up and searching for them, or by swiping on the alphabet to view apps arranged alphabetically. Within an app, you may view notifications and quick shortcuts by swiping from right to left.

The app’s icons, fonts, theme colors, wallpapers, status bar, and other elements are all customizable. Additional capabilities, such as icon packs, pop-up widgets, scheduled at-a-glance widgets, and others, are available to you if you purchase Niagara Pro.

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