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Useful Ideas for Home Fitness Routines for Beginners

Useful Ideas for Home Fitness Routines for Beginners. Many people opt for working out at home due to their hectic schedules. They do not have the luxury of time to go to the gym or fitness establishments. Exercise is an integral part of a person’s life even amid the hustle and bustles, one must exercise. Working out for a couple of minutes in a day can contribute to a person’s efficiency at work and overall mood. It also helps in building immunity, preventing the occurrence of chronic diseases. The good thing is that you can squeeze home fitness routines into your daily schedule. You can also save more money by doing so, and you are doing your body a great favour.

Even if you are a beginner, there are doing exercises that do not need practice or experience for you to perform. This article will present ideas or samples of exercises you can do at home. You can gauge up to what level you can do these routines.

For beginners, here are the suggested fitness routines you can do at home. Perform two sets and ten repetitions of the following exercises. Make sure to pause for a minute before performing another set. The whole routine takes up only 20 minutes.

First is the bridge. You perform this by lying on your back, bending your knees, and placing your feet flat on the floor, with extended arms. Lift your buttocks from the ground; hold the position while squeezing your gluteal muscles then lie on your back again. Repeat ten times. 

The second is the knee push-up. It is like a regular push-up except that you bend your knees in a high plank position. Do the push-up like the standard one, and then repeat.

Third, we have chair squatting. For starters, you will need a chair to guide you to the appropriate form of your body. With arms extended, squat until your buttocks hit the chair, and then return to your original position. Repeat.

Fourth, we have the side-lying leg raise for the hips. In a side-lying position, lift your leg. If lying on the right side raise the right leg and vice versa) then down again. Repeat ten times, and then do the same on the opposite side. 

Fifth is the stationary lunge. Put your right leg forward then bend your knees. Lunge until the right thigh is parallel to the floor, and then return to its original form. Repeat, and then shift to the other leg. 

Sixth is the bicycle crunch. Lay flat on the floor (or on the bed), place your hands at the back of your head, then do a riding a bicycle kind of movement by bending your elbow towards the opposite knee alternately while the opposite leg is straight, then repeat.

Seventh is the forearm plank. Assume a plank position with your forearm supporting your weight. Keep the position for a minute.

There are many more exercises like a plank downward dog and a straight leg-donkey kick. These are beginner-level exercises and once you master them, you can finally step up to the intermediate level.

As a beginner, do not foret to undergo a health assessment from a healthcare provider so that you will be aware of what exercises you should pursue and avoid. Do not exhaust yourself and do only what is capable to do. Drink lots of fluid, especially water to replenish the lost fluids from your body through sweating.

Eat adequately before and after a workout so you have ample energy and for fast recovery of your body after the workout. Make a detailed list of what you will do for the whole week, like an exercise plan. You can schedule brisk walking on Monday and then perform at least three beginner’s level exercises. You can also schedule to do simple beginner’s level exercises. Make sure you also have rest days.

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