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What is CrossFit and Basic CrossFit Movements

The CrossFit Phenomenon and Its Basic Movements, A Trendy Sport to Push your Limits

If you don’t know what is Cross Fit and what are the basic CrossFit movements to do, here below you will find all the answers to your questions. Coming straight from the United States, CrossFit is a very complete sport that combines gymnastics, weight lifting, and cardio. Analysis of this “fitness the hard way”, a trendy sport that is attracting more and more followers in the world.


What is CrossFit?

If you want to push your limits while sculpting your dream body, CrossFit is for you. This discipline, which mainly combines athletic strength, weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance sports, is developing more and more. Practiced diligently, CrossFit improves health and develops physical condition in a short time.

If surpassing oneself is one of the common points of cross-fitters, what makes the success of this sport is also its community dimension, since, unlike classic bodybuilding, the practice of CrossFit Jump Ropes can never be considered alone. To fully understand the CrossFit phenomenon, watch this report broadcast last year in Stage 2.

The word Cross Fit is a combination of Cross and Fitness, so-called because it mixes different pre-existing physical and sports activities. This general physical conditioning program thus optimizes the overall level of fitness by developing 10 athletic qualities: muscular and cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and precision.

An even more complete sport than triathlon, it is based on 3 key principles: constantly varied exercises, functional movements, and high-intensity training. To practice CrossFit intensively, it is therefore strongly recommended to have irreproachable sports and dietary nutrition. This is why many practitioners use natural sports supplements to succeed in keeping up with the pace and progress while sculpting their bodies.

Rest assured, however, the practice of CrossFit is not reserved for men or experienced athletes. It is suitable for all those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and follow regular and effective training.


The Basic CrossFit Movements

The ideal way to practice CrossFit is to register in a specialized room in order to join a community of passionate practitioners, which will inevitably increase your motivation. But before you commit, we offer the 10 basic movements of Cross Fit to know what to expect:

  • Burpees
  • Box jump
  • Wallball
  • Sledgehammer
  • Kettlebells Swings
  • Deadlift Pneu
  • Handstand
  • Ball Slam
  • Thrusters
  • Battle Rope
  • Rope climb



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