How to Hide the Likes on Facebook

How to Hide Likes on Facebook Posts

In terms of privacy hiding Facebook likes is an essential aspect that enables you to manage your social content privately. This guide will lead you through the steps to hide Facebook post likes, whether you are using the desktop version or the mobile app.

In this digital era, online privacy and social media presence management are of the utmost importance. Facebook, as one of the most prominent social networks, offers a variety of features that enable users to personalize their online experience.

Who Can View Your Facebook Likes?

It is crucial to understand the visibility of your Facebook likes. By default, only your friends and followers can view the content you post to your profile, as well as the corresponding likes and reaction count.

When you like a Facebook page or post, your reaction will be recorded on the post. It is essential to note that anyone who can see the post can also see that you liked it.

How to Hide Likes on Facebook

How to Hide the Likes on Facebook

Before we explain the steps you must take to hide the likes on Facebook, you must have the latest version of the app installed on your mobile. If you have already downloaded the latest version of Facebook, you can follow these steps to activate this feature.

Hide Facebook Likes on Desktop

Follow these simple steps when managing your Facebook account from a desktop computer to hide the likes on your posts:

Step 1: Open Facebook

Launch your desktop web browser and navigate to the Facebook website. Ensure that you are currently signed into your account.

Step 2: Proceed to Your Profile

In the upper right corner of the Facebook page, click on your profile photograph. This will open up the menu.

Step 3: Access Configuration & Privacy

From the menu, select “Settings & Privacy.”

Step 4: Select Preferences

From the “Settings & Privacy” menu, select “Settings.”

Step 5: Access the Reaction Settings

Scroll down the list of options on the left and select “Reaction preferences.”

Step 6: Hide likes to your posts.

Within “Reaction preferences,” locate the “On your posts” toggle and select it to conceal the number of reactions on your posts.

Turn Off Facebook Post Likes on Android and iOS

Those who prefer managing their Facebook account on mobile devices, whether Android or iOS, can conceal post likes as follows:

Step 1: Use the Facebook Application

Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device. Make certain you are signed into your account.

Step 2: Access Your Account

Tap the circular menu icon in the upper-right corner of the Facebook application. This icon typically features your profile image in the center.

Step 3: Access Profile Configuration

Tap the gear-shaped “Settings” icon located in the upper right corner of the menu after opening it.

Step 4: Go to the Reaction Preferences page.

Within the “Feed Settings” portion, select “Reaction preferences.”

Step 5: Hide Likes on your FB posts.

Find the toggle for “On your posts” within “Reaction preferences” and select it to hide the number of reactions on your posts.

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