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10 Most Expensive Cosmetics Products in the World

Most Expensive Cosmetics Products in the World. For the majority of women, an expensive cosmetic good is a powerful product. Despite the crisis, they prefer to buy premium cosmetics because the premium is a guarantee of quality and efficiency.

The price of premium cosmetics can be explained primarily by the quality of the raw materials used to design the products, but also by their carefully crafted packaging. Rare and luxurious components such as gold or caviar can drive up the price dramatically.


10 Most Expensive Cosmetics Products in the World


10. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo, Philip B: €189.90 for 355ml 

This shampoo is a cure with restorative properties, strengthening, and calming thanks to Amber Oil, eleven amino acids, or vitamin B5.


9. Rare platinum cellular cream, La Prairie: € 1019

A rich cream to fight the visible signs of aging. A premium cosmetic with its top-of-the-range components: caviar and platinum peptides.


8. Black Imperiale Orchid Cure, Guerlain: € 1250

An intensive 4-week anti-aging treatment with a specific formula for each week of treatment. One goal: To wake up the skin to restore its original radiance. The orchid used in this treatment is very rare, which explains the exorbitant price of this treatment.


7. Joy perfume, Jean Patou: 1555 € 30 ml

The price indicated here is that of the Baccarat crystal bottle marketed in 1932, a real museum piece. The classic bottle is available for € 130 for 50ml at Nocibé with a “Joy” formula identical to that of 1930. 10,600 jasmine flowers and over 300 roses are needed to create just 30 ml of perfume, which explains its price.


6. Intense regeneration cream, Crème de La Mer: 1950 € for 500 ml

The La Mer brand has launched this best seller with soothing and nutritious properties. Composed of seaweed, this cream allows wrinkles and fine lines to fade for a visibly smoother complexion.


5. The cream, Skin key: € 10,000 for 500 gr

An ultra-limited edition cream with only 3 copies sold, supposed to restore radiance to your skin. The brand did not wish to communicate the components of this premium treatment. We just know that the cream promises miracles in its pot made of crystal and platinum.


4. Varnish I do, Essie: € 43,000

Created in collaboration with Platinum Guild International (PGI) and designer Henry Dunay, we find platinum in the varnish itself but also in the bottle which is completely platinum. The project was to design the most expensive varnish ever made. The bet was taken with a very salty note of € 43,000 per varnish!

3. Kiss Kiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick, Guerlain: € 45,000

In 2009, the French house launched the Kiss Kiss Or et Diamants lipstick. A collector’s edition which is a revisited version of the famous Kiss Kiss lipstick from Guerlain. An 18-carat gold case with 199 diamonds, totally handcrafted. A tailor-made lipstick delivered to your home in a black lacquered box, accompanied by a lip brush for easy application. A luxury product all the way!


2. Perfume N ° 1 Passant Guardant, Clive Christian: € 182,000

This fragrance is a special edition of N ° 1 by Clive Christian. It has a crystal bottle totally covered with a 24-carat gold matrix and adorned with 2000 diamonds. A truly unique 30 ml bottle sold for € 182,000 or € 6 million per liter.


1. Socialite Collection mascara, H. Couture Beauty: € 11 million

This one-of-a-kind mascara was made following a most extravagant request from a wealthy customer who wanted a case made of 18k gold covered with Swarovski crystals. You should know that the mascara itself comes from a collection that is “only” made of Swarovski crystals and costs 117 €. But as more is always needed in the luxury market, this product has been adapted to suit the requirements of a wealthy client.

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