Ayesha Akram Leaked Video of TikTok Star Goes Viral

Ayesha Akram Leaked Video of TikTok Star Goes Viral

TikTok star Ayesha Akram was in the middle of another scandal as her private video got leaked and shared online.

Ayesha, who has a lot of followers on social media, was shocked when this private video was made public.

On TikTok, where she has shared many fun and creative videos with her fans, she is known for her work. However, her privacy was violated when the video was shared, which caused a stir on social media sites.

The leaked video of TikTok user Ayesha Akram has caused a huge uproar on the internet. Netizens and activists are speaking out against the people who did this and asking others not to share the supposedly private video.

It is said that Ayesha Akram shows herself to the other person on a video call in this widely shared video. It’s shocking that the person on the other end recorded the screen and then posted this sexual video online.

As of right now, the popular video has not been independently confirmed as real, but it has already been shared widely on many platforms.

On Independence Day in 2021, TikTok user Ayesha Akram was making a video with her friends at Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park, close to Minar-e-Pakistan. That’s when this happened. Three hundred to four hundred men sexually harassed the girl and tore her clothes while passing her around.

Later, the police investigation showed that the victim, Ayesha Akram, and her team of TikTokers planned the meet-up so that they could work with other TikTokers to grow their audiences, which is something that many TikTok users do.

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