Basic Mechanisms of an Automatic Sprinkler System and the Ways of Increasing Water Pressure in Them

Basic Mechanisms of an Automatic Sprinkler System and the Ways of Increasing Water Pressure in Them

Low pressure in automatic sprinkler systems may decrease the irrigation amount and prevent the high-pressure sprinkler head from efficient operation. If you notice reduced water pressure in the design, you must take immediate steps. Once you can ensure adequate water pressure, you may focus on the automatic sprinkler system and its operation. For this, you may use water pressure regulators to check the water pressure and enable it to function appropriately.

  • Plan Ahead

First and foremost, you must plan and install the irrigation system so that the central water line is at a higher elevation than the entire system. Remember that with every one-foot improvement in height, the water pressure reduces by 0.433 psi. On the other hand, water pressure improves by the same amount for a one-foot reduction in elevation. You may use this information for planning when installing the irrigation system in hilly terrain. Along with this, you may take the help of professionals who know every nook in the corner of the system and can thus assure you better results.

  • Examine the Sprinkler Head

You require professional help examining the top of the sprinkler head and adjusting the screws. To increase the flow of water, you may turn the screw clockwise through the head. The technique works for increasing pressure at specific sprinkler heads but will not increase the pressure in the entire system.

  • Remove Sprinkler Heads

You may have to remove a few heads from the zone in the system and ensure proper capping of the plumbing. Reducing the number of sprinkler heads increases water pressure and assures better operation.

  • Install Boost Pumps

To conserve energy, you may install devices with boost pumps to ensure that it runs when the irrigation system requires high water pressure. By installing boost pumps, you take care of the central irrigation line. If you are not sure how you may install these units, you must contact the professionals and follow their directions.

Which Areas to Focus on When Selecting a Sprinkler System for the Lawn? 

You require equipment that shoots water at the correct pressure. You have to invest your time in picking the best sprinkler system for the unique characteristics of your lawn. It reduces water waste, saves time, and creates a vast green backyard of your home. Experts are here to get you the detailed information you require to make the most of household irrigation systems and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options to make the best selection.

Why Must You Irrigate? 

Sprinkler systems are an environment-friendly option than watering with the help of a host. It provides uniform coverage and may be scheduled at an ideal time of the day. Some systems are available with seasonal adjustment programs and rain sensors to determine the correct amount of water for producing a healthy lawn.

Things to Deliberate

Before delving deep into options, you have to start by grabbing answers to a few questions regarding the particular landscape and its different aspects.

  • What is the size of the backyard, whether it is a big plot or not?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you thinking of staying in the property for the long term?
  • What’s the water pressure?
  • What soil constitutes your lawn?
  • Do you want something easy to maintain?

Finding an answer to the questions might help you make an informed decision and narrow the options. Talking specifically about these options will help you understand them in detail.

In-ground versus Ground Lawn Sprinklers

The category is divided based on the water source above or below the ground. The groundwater system connects to the water line through underground pipes. On the other hand, above-ground water systems hook up to the hose and sit on the lawn. Most sprinkler systems were fitted with either option. Also, some options are exclusively for in-the-ground or above-ground systems.

  • The advantages of the above-ground system

The reason for which you must invest your money in an above-ground system is that you may install this without any trouble. These are easy to maintain and move with ease. Hence, it sits with any watering plant and does not hamper the lawn or the surrounding area. The cost of the sprinkler head with other related aspects is not that high. Based on the head, the price per unit is very average.

  • In-ground option

Now coming to the second most popular category of the sprinkler system, which is the unground option. If you do not want to trip over the sprinkler head accidentally, you can go for this option. It is a viable option for kids as well as pets. You don’t have to deal with a hose or other problematic equipment. Although it requires professional installation, the overall cost is not that high. Hence, you can get in touch with these technicians who are available locally and are competent in their services.

  • Sprinkler System Heads

A spray sprinkler head is a classic option. The spray pattern does not change the way the shower nozzle does. They are available in the background or pop-up options. If you look at the conventional alternatives, you will see that they require very little maintenance and care. These systems are viable for small lawns that contain hard-to-reach regions. This sprinkler head can cater to your requirements if you have to maintain several corners, areas, or hardscaping.

  • Oscillating

You may have encountered several oscillating sprinklers when walking through the neighborhood. It consists of a plastic or metal tube with multiple sprinkler holes that move forth and back. You may look at these options that have at least fifteen jets for ensuring to cover the property evenly. The expensive models can adjust the spray pattern and operate at high speed. These are the best options because they can handle several landscapes, whether uniform or elevated terrain. Moreover, they perform well with high and low water pressure. You must choose an oscillating sprinkler system if your house has a classic backyard.

  • Stationary

If your house has a minor area of grass for watering, then stationary sprinklers are a worthwhile option. These might work to your advantage, and you don’t have to invest much money. You may choose the preset patterns in different shapes like rectangles, squares, or circles. Look for those models, which are durable and have metal frames and not plastic ones. The water pressure in these systems is low, and the size covered is small. The average cost is not that high; thus, it is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option. They hold enough water and withstand regular wear and tear. Hence, you can work with this even if your house has low water pressure.

  • Traveling Sprinklers

It would help if you were amazed, but there are traveling sprinklers. These are less conventional options and have made their mark in the irrigation system. Instead of gas or electricity, these are propelled by water pressure. They move along with the garden hose and help you care for the lawn with precision. Traveling sprinklers are a viable option for those who do not want installation hassle. The Sprinkler system comparison on The Homeyspace can help you choose the best sprinklers in town.

Although you need the help of professionals, the overall maintenance cost and trouble are not that high. The water pressure in these systems is high, and the size covered is extensive. These are easy to remove, maintain, and cover large areas with minimum effort.

  • Rotator Head Sprinkler System 

To rectify sprinkler sounds, you require rotator sprinklers that do not make even the minimum amount of sound. These systems feature a distinct type of sprinkler head that spouts water in a circular motion. The rotation speed increases the water force and suits it best for large areas with uninterrupted force. They are best for high terrain and large regions.

The rotator’s psi or pound per square inch level must be the same as the space between every unit. Also, you have to be particular about the model and see that it sits on the lawn top and does not create any hassle in the irrigation process. You must be careful when deciding and start with research to get information.

Now that you know so much about different sprinkler options, it’s time to compare these and go for the one that suits your budget. Remember that each variant has pros and cons, and thus you don’t have to consider disadvantages. You may also take the help of the Internet to understand more about different options of sprinkler systems.

Remember that every home is distinct; thus, every sprinkler system is not for each home. You must know the various aspects of each tool and install it under professional monitoring. Choosing a good sprinkler system requires research to get the best. If you choose without research, you might make the wrong choice. Hence, explore online platforms to get the best sprinkler setup.

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